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  1. Woah well that's news to me! Lord! Who's running around using Jason X???
  2. Maybe this is just my opinion... but I feel like a lot of the trolls are mad because they can't troll as easily now. Like personally there are some issues with the new patch, that's a given with any patch, but... they aren't like super game breaking for me. Like literally Jason has been scarier to play against and I missed that element of the game.
  3. True... I was reading the patch notes when they released them and some of the things that they did find in play testing were just odd... I was like what nut job counselors were setting bear traps INSIDE tents to kill other counselors? what issues are you testing for? Like I know in playtesting you should actively be TRYING to break the game, but... bruh... the not so rare issues that are game breaking... let's fix those first lol... although IMO rainbow blood is kinda cool.
  4. Hahaha "Not a Shithead List". I love it. Yeah... I didn't wanna get deep or turn it into like a vent fest, I just know, like you said, we go through it everyday- just being treated like shit cuz you're different... It's hard to do it day in and day out and then deal with it even in recreation. Like talk shit to me because I'm a terrible Jason, or because I made a terrible play... but to deal with it because of who or how you are is kind of a lot. I play on PS4 but if there is any momentum around it or if I decide to change platforms I will definitely be adding you- as you have not been a "shithead" in any of the threads that I've seen. Thank you!
  5. Yeah... lol I remember like one of my first matches I get into a lobby and the host sees I have a mic and is like "yo are you a n!993r" and me being me, I was like "Uh does it matter? So what if I am?" and his response, because of my inflection was "Wait, you're a N!66#r and a F@660+!?!?".... Lol things like that happen from time to time. Not often enough to make me want to stop playing all together, but way too often to try and report or complain about every person that does. I appreciate your support though and could always use more friends on Friday.
  6. I know this is also probably the wrong place to ask about this... but I have searched high and low and can't find anyone asking or talking about it. Anyone know when this double XP weekend will end? Like I know Memorial day is Monday, but I also know they didn't start it until a few hours after the release of the patch... so... where does that leave us who are still wanting to grind for XP over the weekend? How long we got?
  7. *Feels suddenly ill* Sorry boss I think I got food poisoning. Gotta go home early!
  8. ZenVirtue69


    OMG... so we had these metal jungle gyms with pretty sharp steps to like climb up to the slide, and this one time I was pretending to be a Triceratops and head butted the stairs and had to get like 6 stitches cuz I had like this third eye slit where you could see the bone and white meat underneath... And I literally didn't notice it. My teacher had to call up my parents when I was coming in from recess because I had just gone ahead and went back to playing.
  9. ZenVirtue69


    Trippy. We used to eat them at recess while pretending to be Pokémon. I'm sure our teachers were watching us just like "I am truly surrounded by idiot children. Eatin' grass and flowers and shit".
  10. Probably true... In my sick twisted way I'm kind of glad cuz I won't get off until way late tonight and so I don't want everyone to get too far ahead of me.
  11. ZenVirtue69


    Yes the flowers that grow on those bushes
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