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  1. Regardless if you love Nintendo or hate them, the Switch is selling like gang busters and with that said what about those of us who’ve only been able to watch people play F13 on YouTube or Twitch because they don’t like Xbox or PlayStation or they can’t justify paying four or five or six hundred dollars plus on a new console or pc for just a handful of titles? I feel like those of you who already have the game on whatever favored platform have blinders on that keeps them from seeing that Nintendo’s current mindset has drastically changed since the 90’s and they are catering more and more to every gamer, not just kids. In Nintendo’s current climate I can totally see F13 with local and online cross platform multiplayer that you can take with you and play anywhere. It might be a pipe dream but F13 could totally exist beside Doom 2016, Minecraft, Bayonetta 1&2, Rocket League, South Park: TFBW, LA Noire and Skyrim on this plucky new platform that 2+ million people have purchased for a portable multiplayer experience. Speaking as someone who loves the F13 movie franchise and has never actually got to play the game, I would kill to have this game on all consoles so everyone can play and know how awesome F13 truly is! I would think that a new market with a mostly new user base would be just the thing for a game that’s sold and tested well in other markets but might be showing signs of slowing down as the general user base is what it is at this point. I would think a company would be all about preserving the longevity of a title and putting it in the hands of as many people as possible! I know with out a shadow of a doubt it would print money!
  2. Any chance that we could ever see this amazing game on the switch? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would kill to be able to play this on the go.
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