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  1. that´s another thing i saw the glitch but this is strange i mean a Vanessa with Chads swimmsuit ? it must be a Mod or something like that i`m a big fan of this game and i LOOOOVE the clothing DLC but if i see players with this cool Designs I`m getting jelous
  2. puh... ok thanks but why are they so many people out there with modded clothes O_O today i saw a vanessa with Chads tiger swimmsuit Design or yesterday a Tifanny with Ajs Skulls Design .... if this is againgst their rules how can they play without getting banned ? O: Anyway thanks for the information
  3. Hello guys i have a little question for you are clothing Mods legal ? I mean it´s nothing dangerous hmm ..... This F13 player did it and i wanna know if this is legal Thanks Btw thats the F13 player with his little YouTube-Channel
  4. Aver

    Big Fan :)

    thanks ? Now i get it thanks i will search for it and try it out ! ❤️ / On YouTube there are a lots of videos about this Glitch ! but its 7 month ago and the comments are saying it was patched out .... i tryed it out but nothing works
  5. Aver

    Big Fan :)

    yeah that´s possible ^^ but thanks :3
  6. Aver

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    i know that´s not the thing i mean ok wait let me see how i can explain it emm ...... i saw a Aj with a skull swimmsuit how is that possible ? or a Vanessa with a blue swimmsuit but she got only 3 colors in the dlc yellow/black, purple/black,red/white how can she have a blue swimmsuit it saw like the "normal" Outfit but as a swimmsuit ? I don`t know how this is possible i mean that`s not a normal combonation. I`m lv150 so how can the other people mix there clothes ?!?! If this ist a hack can i report them or is this legit I hope this time you know what i mean
  7. Aver

    Big Fan :)

    thx for the answer ! but i don´t mean this i`v got 2 dlc clothing packs but some poeple run around with blue swimmsuit and i have only 3 colour it´s really weird
  8. Hi Guys I`m new here and i`m playing f13 since the beginning I`m from germany and my english is hard to understand i guess but I`m trying my best ! i got over 600 hours and i think i will play this game forever O_O But there is a thing in the game .... and i don´t get it :I Some f13 player are playing with special or modded clothes ? Is this legit and if yes how can i do this some of this clothes look really good Thanks and i hope you guys can understand my bad english see ya
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