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  1. just heard the news as well and I'm with ya man. This game will always leave a huge mark in my life and so will the forums. I went mostly inactive after somewhile but didn't want to abandon it. Welp, guess there is no choice now. Anyways, I hope everyone still has great lasting memories and live a nice life. Probably sounding cheesy now but whatever. Take care everyone. I had a blast with y'all. Maybe I'll continue to lurk around for the time being but we'll see.
  2. Potentially you could also body block them in place if you feel really funny
  3. I got it after killing someone in the seek and destroy barn kill. Was pretty painful getting a bot in there if I recall correctly.
  4. Vanessa definitely. With certain perks you can also easily repair as her. I mean, you don't even need the perks really. I usually just liked running random.
  5. I don't recall ever being scared in a match but shitting my pants in virtual cabin...lol. The game doesn't involve much tension either, it's the most laid back multiplayer game I have ever played really but it still pretty much is horror. Bunch of kids get slaughtered by big guy. I mean you could argue it's even a "powerfantasy" game
  6. after 3 knives hits they will be slowed down. Or was it 2? I don't remember but I think they do as much damage as a slash from your weapon without weapon damage+.
  7. They are one of the most precious tools you can have in a match. It helps in practically every situation imaginable.
  8. Well, to be fair, some kind of last option for the last survivor would have been nice, which if done right, could have been way more exciting than someone outrunning the clock. Should have obviously been extremely hard and lead into a guaranteed death if they failed or something. But I doubt that guy meant something along the lines of this.
  9. Jumped into the game after a long time again and did what I loved doing most. Would have gone for the knife kill but the moment was too perfect to risk it. Apologies for horrible quality. I once had a more badass round overall, where I used a lot of techniques. I probably even """documented""" it somewhere but unfortunately didn't record it.
  10. Played against Slash & Cast once as Jason and alongside Mad eye Yokai as a counselor once. S&C guys thought I was spamming headpunch while I was using the machete kill pack kills for the first time or so lol and told Mad eye yokai that his guide on how to use stalk was great. Maybe I met some other people but I don't remember.
  11. @Dragonfire82877 I am not gonna make any promises that I will stay but I plan to look through here a bit more, I miss this place lol. But thanks for the welcome
  12. It did give you the other kill packs but not the machete one? The box itself says it includes all Kill packs as far as I know. Looks like something went wrong.
  13. I remember that a lot of the time I just muted everyone for a very long time and closed dm's on ps4, while I do ignore these messages, I certainly don't enjoy it. Too big of a pussy for that lol. When I bought it on PC I didn't mute them anymore really since you could have some nice conversations once in awhile. And besides, the mute button stopped working as soon as someone else joined the lobby.
  14. More unlegit moves like hacking or macros, more voice Chat, more teamers, the usual.
  15. It does kinda make sense though, come to think of it. Remember when they accidentally released a devbuild with Lan mode, a Lazarus Experience and Sandbox mode? Either he remembered this or he may actually be telling some Kind of truth.
  16. No one cared who he was till he put on the mask. Also, same for me lol. Ps, I never thought I'd see a Shy Guy even better than Gourmet guy. And of Course welcome!
  17. Interesting. What platform do you Play on? It still is possible to resist yourself. Early it's just not as smart anymore and in the end you can still shoot him and there is no real reason to hit him if you aren't low on Stamina or really have to block him from getting somewhere. Yeah, important, but it should never have been necessary. It's main feature was originally that it relies on Teamwork to defeat an overpowered beast. Teamers were never any fun even before they were able to do that. It's impossible to stop Players from using macros….but the combination on how to perform this, shouldn't really be doable.
  18. Well, seems like you haven't played a Long time ago. It's almost impossible for him to throw them away with throwing knives. The onliest Thing he can do now, is to glitch himself inside the car. And nobody ever used that ''technique'' professionally. It was pure luck if it happened. What does them hinder them now from doing so? His Rage is actived 15 minutes in if no one beats on him. Good luck escaping in the last 5 minutes anyways. And even if his Rage is on, just throw yourself in thront of him and block. Grabbing will result into grabbing you and slashing won't bring him anywhere. Oh Boy, hell no. Just stand in front of the car, get the fuel, Battery or keys. There are ways to make it much harder to get in but I won't Name These. Not everyone of them is really smart. Like they would actually Need to think, These brainless guys. But they can't even win a match alone and even have Trouble when they Team. The word you are Looking for is "Teamer" I think. Also, you can't make everyone happy with a Change. But you can make the majority happy. Insultless Victory. Well except for Teamers, but nobody likes Teamers. Well, personally, I think this game is really Relaxing.....most of the time.... But yeah, you should atleast throw some skill in there. Getting grabbed is Pretty easy to avoid, so yeah. And no word on the counselors that can literally make themselves invulnerable with a macro? And since you are new here…….. Welcome to the Forum and don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/ We are happy to welcome you!.......Well , atleast most of us!
  19. Robbie Rotten But in seriousness, probably Doom Slayer. Like you would see something greenish coming at you for like 3 seconds and then he kills you immediately lol.
  20. Yeah man, oh boy, a lot of things changed. Friends, games, private Things...oh gosh, the private Things... To make it short, I went to a psychiatry lol. Since they announced the changes I thought I'd say something. @Slasher_Clone, good to see you guys again, I think I'll stay a bit this time. Edit: I have no Idea, how I messed this post up that bad. I might as well ask now, is it known when the patch Drops?
  21. Lol, especially if they'll just block and have a..... I should better stop.
  22. Even though I became more of a Jason Hunter than a Jason Player myself…...I really like it. This will make Things a lot fresher and actually challenging…. But what About the Unlimited Shift Cheat, hack or whatever? Or that weird counselor move that makes them teleport after Swinging their weapon (I think it's a macro Thing or something….)? But damn, that's Awesome guys! btw, so it isn't known yet when the patch Drops?
  23. What?.....Lol , that's weird. Well...it works on PC....so I am Pretty sure it would work there too.
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