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  1. For the love of all things good, get that combat stance fixed please... that would make Jason’s role more playable and less frustrating. Combat stance is a godsend. As well as the counselors’.
  2. No need to be that way. I am trying to see your point here. That’s why I’m talking to you. Otherwise, I would’ve ignored this topic. I feel that Jason wouldn’t get the attention he should have if others are added. It wouldn’t be a pure Friday the 13th game, so that is why I don’t understand you. I’m sorry if I am frustratig you. I approach people on the internet with civility, so I am trying not to bicker. But, here’s another idea: GIVE THOSE OTHER ICONS THEIR OWN GAMES.
  3. Just to let you know, I am not afraid of change and growth. It doesn’t make sense to add other characters outside of the FT13th universe because then it would become another Dead by Daylight. Makes not a speck of sense. No disrespect to other horror icons because I am a fan of their franchises too, but seriously? This is Friday the 13th... I cannot comprehend why this is even a request.
  4. Why do people want other horror villains in this game? It’s Jason’s time to shine, not theirs.
  5. YES... a pitchfork on Part 2. Now that’s more like it. When wielding that pitchfork, he’s more iconic and formidable in my opinion.
  6. I didn’t own the game around that time, but I agree that the feature’s absence makes him less threatening. My problem with this game - multiplayer horror games in general - is that the monster is not treated like a feared figure, but rather a playground, or in this case, a piñata. That’s why I believe multiplayer horror games fail. The masked man who once haunted people’s dreams has now become a piñata for internet trolls, even children young enough to be traumatized by the films. I don’t care that this is just a game because this is a character whose image I care about. The horror evaporates when you have people willing to toy with him. Yet at the same time, I try to tell myself that I should accept that trollish behavior because that may be one’s way of having fun. If I can have fun, so can they. Just thoughts I’m torn between. Anyway, I like that you brought this topic up. I hope it will be considered.
  7. Exactly... counselors want it easy because every car part is close to each other. I swear every host I play with is a counselor main. I one time got a car fixed within a minute and a half with a Chad’s help. When you’re Jason, especially a -Traps Jason, it’s a disaster. I felt sorry for that Jason.
  8. I know right! I now avoid playing as Jason online due to the horrendous combat stance delays. I lost my mask and everything... new bugs make me even more vulnerable. I’ve dealt with a bug that prevents me from swinging, grabbing, and even running until I activate Shift, so I have to wait for its availability to stop it. All I can do is walk away to try and avoid getting hit... doesn’t work often. Sigh.
  9. Combat stance should be fixed. After this update, I’ve had a hard time timing my blocks. Oftentimes on PS4, R2 (attack in combat stance) doesn’t even work. I merely use it for defense and for that reason.
  10. I see many mixed opinions on Part IV. I’m level 122 and still am trying to master the art of Part IV. Or maybe I’m just not good at the game, but I always try my best. Against well-organized groups, it’s frustrating to play as him. When playing in small maps, it’s even worse. I’m usually torn between sticking two traps on the phone or putting two on the four seater because a car can be fixed in a minute. And I know full well that that’s possible because I’ve done it before. Part IV is wonderful but sometimes difficult to play. He’s one that I want to succeed with though.
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