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  1. Looks like I picked the worst possible time to get back into the game! I hadn't played it in a while and then when I come back...this. But I really feel bad for the newer players. The past 10 or so times I tried to play a match in the past few days I noticed a lot of players that were very low levels. Some level 8, 6, 9, 20, etc. I've been level 150 for over a year, have all the tapes, great perks, and almost completed all the badges so I've gotten plenty out of the game. And this is on the Switch. I also have the game on Xbox and did completed everything on there. I've played this game a lot. So yeah, it really sucks for people who are just getting into the game.
  2. Well, I guess the bright side is that now that the "investigation" is over the next update we get will should give us some sort of idea of when a fix will be implemented. And at least we aren't totally in the dark now. Edit: Just read the update again and it mentioned the "ongoing investigation". So I guess we aren't pass the investigation phase yet.
  3. I had a bunch of Jason killers coming after me very early in the match on Jarvis House. I morphed away from them out into the lake to try to do a sneak attack and then my internet went down. I was pissed and embarrassed because to them it must have looked like I just quit the match because I was scared.
  4. At this point the entire thing is a mystery. Is it the Russians? The aliens??? The last patch wrecked the servers? Who knows. I'm going to work on the single player challenges until it gets working again. I got stuck on #7 (strip poker) and never completed the rest.
  5. Interesting. I have the Switch version and haven't tried that out yet. Maybe it's because the Switch version is the "Ultimate Slasher Edition"? Gonna have to test this out.
  6. The last post by Gun on twitter (yesterday) said they are still "investigating" what the problem is, not working on it. Apparently they don't even know what the problem is at this point. But somehow a lot of people on this board know it's a hacker. As far as I can see Gun hasn't released any statement on what is actually going on.
  7. I'm not against slashing but I personally go for grab kills. I don't want to give them the opportunity to heal and escape. Especially if I'm dealing with Vanessa or another fast player. But what about pocket knives? It sucks when it happens but I always look at it like "well, that's one less pocket knife I have to deal with".
  8. They posted un update today on Twitter: So since they are still investigating one can assume they haven't found the issue yet.
  9. They posted on Twitter on Jul 1 that they are investigating a "potential" server issue. Looks like the issue is no longer a "potential" issue.
  10. Are you on Xbox, PS4, Switch? I'm still getting the same error and I'm on Switch.
  11. That is the longest run on sentence I have ever seen. That's actually quite an accomplishment!🏆
  12. I'm having the same problem. I hadn't played the game in a few months and decided to start playing tonight. After the match begins you can't interact with anything(open doors, windows, etc.) and the match crashes after about 1 minute. This happened 4 times in a row. So I started looking around online to see if it was just me and well, here I am.
  13. zmccain

    Adios Amigos

    Abandoning ship for the same reasons as everyone else. See ya around guys.?
  14. Did @F134Ever86 leave as well? I went to his profile and it looks like he posted a farewell post but I'm not seeing it anywhere. Deleted?
  15. This. Which is welcome. I'm glad they are still doing events like this.
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