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  1. I wasn't aware Rob Zombie was so vital to the Halloween franchise. It's a miracle they pulled off the original films without him! Rob Zombie doesn't need to have anything to do with a Halloween video game (that there's no proof one is even being made) for it to be playable.
  2. This isn't exactly the response I was hoping for...
  3. Where's the fun in that? ::edited to let everyone know I was being sarcastic::
  4. And now he has been pushed back to August/September. Bummer.
  5. Sorry, I misread that. Doesn't change the fact that the information is "not" coming from Gun though.
  6. So, because you met someone on the internet that claims to have worked with Gun in the past, you believe what they tell you to be undisputable truth that a Halloween game is coming? Dude, if it's going to happen, it will happen. But please wait for Gun to make the announcement before going off the deep end.
  7. @Laotian Lam, no apology needed. You went into more detail than I did. lol
  8. Because back when it was a thing, Jason could possibly be kept on his back for the whole 20 minute match while counselors danced around him.
  9. Predator and F13 mash up
  10. The only major issue with the game I have right now is connection issues. My system is wired directly to the router and I still lose connection. Been like this since servers were shut down.
  11. In this clip (and while I was playing) it looked as though both doors in the cabin were closed. The front door was barricaded, the back door just closed. What is everyone else's thoughts?
  12. Figures (or most of them ) have happened. NECA has released all the Myers figures they have the rights to so far. They have teased at least one figure so far for the upcoming Halloween movie.
  13. I would share my stats, but I play on PS4. Undoubtedly, Sony doesn’t think their player’s progress stats are something they would like to know.
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