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  1. The only way I would consider “stn” toxic is if, cops are on the scene very early in the round and the only person planning on “stn” is just intending to hold the lobby hostage by trolling Jason. If it’s still more than 10 minutes in the match and the cops are there, make it to the cops and start a new round. This applies to low level Jason’s of course.
  2. I stand corrected NECA, box art and final packaging released: https://www.facebook.com/122743857788008/posts/4179763228752697/?d=n
  3. NECA updated part 7 on their page. Saying July now. Also, I don’t think that it will even be then. They haven’t even released pics of the box art. They normally release images of box art months before release date.
  4. As for my experience, you have seemed to always be upfront, clear and fair to everyone. Really appreciate that Matt. Thanks for sharing in this amazing experience that is F13 the game with us.
  5. No it shouldn’t. The rate of survival for a counselor should be based solely on the player’s skill level. I’ve seen several veteran players escape/survive upwards 90% of the time.
  6. Wow. And they said the Grendel wasn’t anywhere near playable and all of Jason X’s animations weren’t done. For the first time I’m ready to call total bullshit on their part. Looked like they were further along in development than they said, or someone spent a lot of time working on something that was “never going to see the light of day” after the deadline.
  7. Check your Walmart’s!!! Picked up Back to the Future parts 1 and 2 Marty McFly for $11 each. Doc and Biff will also be $11 if your lucky enough to find them. Assassin Predator is marked down to $17.
  8. Reached out to NECA through Facebook messenger, Randy said there isn’t currently a release date, that they’ll announce more information when it’s available. Looks like he is in limbo.
  9. They have announced May now?? Bigbadtoystore.com has April 2021 still on their page.
  10. Stalk was always fun to use. I actually tried booting the game up for the first time since right after the servers were taken down a couple days ago. Lasted about two minutes into the round and lost connection due to ping. Memories will make this game last for me.
  11. Awesome job. That was my least favorite version of Myers because the mask looked goofy, but you captured the goofiness of it perfectly, lol. Great job as always buddy!
  12. Thanks @OCT 31 1978, it was pure coincidence that the music did that on the mask, lol. That was my first attempt at a TikTok and it seemed to work decent. Here’s the rest of them and the Jason collection again in case someone can’t access the TikTok.
  13. https://screenrant.com/friday-13th-sean-cunningham-paramount-warner-bros-profits-lawsuit/ Seriously wish this dude would deflate the ego and let others get their share so that this franchise can get back up and start rolling again.
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