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  1. The flashlight clicking isn't suppose to happen but could just be a minor bug in bots. I was just pointing out the probable reason you didn't pick anyone up with sense.
  2. It was probably a high stealth character with stealthy perks. Remember,bots have perks now. You can check out videos on YT that show Jason's sense doesn't pick those ppl up. Not suppose to with stealthy characters because that's the point.
  3. Oh ok. I don't really use combat stance that much so I haven't noticed if its on console as well or not. Gonna be sure to check next time I play tho.
  4. Is this just on the pc version? I gave J6 the machete and it didn't do that. I'm on PS4.
  5. Console:PS4 Another Pinehurst blood bug I've seen while playing offline bots is some grab kills and some environmental kills have either bright neon purple & blocky blood or dark red (almost black) colored blood and blocky. By blocky I mean the blood has squared shapes. Made me think of like Minecraft style blood.
  6. Same for PS4. Also,challenge #10 has some frame rate issues and has caused the game to crash. Crashed twice during challenge 10 and once during bots.
  7. One idea I thought of and the other I heard on Slash'N'Cast. My idea to fix the trolling Jason while he's down by dancing/tea bagging on top of him is to give Jason an option,while he's down, to grab anyone who is on top of him. The second one I heard from Slash'N'Cast and that is to add a system to where when your fear level is too high you can't do emotes. Let me know what you all think.
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