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  1. i totally agree it is lack of communication if they would at least give us a date when we can expect a update maybe some of the hate would die down but they have no communication with the fans that paid to have there game i can understand if it was a free game there would be no reason to complain but i dont like wasting money on something just to have it sit
  2. ok i understand the game dont have a bunch of tech guys workin on updates and all that but we have been waiting far to long for a update there is nothing left in the game to keep me even playing i'm 150 with all tapes and everything dbl exp is pointless for most of us there is alot of ppl all rdy at max level so tapes might be a different story but what happens when everyone has all tapes and max level then what? lol game over!!
  3. hello all i'm a big fan of friday the 13th the game and the movies my gamertag on ps4 is benny269695 i love playing as roy part 5 jason my favorite counselor is fox but on another note has anyone got any idea when the update will be?
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