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  1. Very classy move by Gun and Illfonic to make sure everyone gets to play on day one. They are really going above and beyond what they have to do to do right by everyone who backed them on KickStarter and BackerKit. This also hopefully means that since they said the physical copy wont be ready at launch that we must be very very close to getting a release especially with only 1 month left till we are no longer in early 2017.
  2. JGTH is the worst to me, watching a Jason movie where he just jumps from body to body was super weird. Also the kills in the movie weren't that great either. Jason X wasn't great but I atlas had fun watching it and I cant say the same sadly for JGTH.
  3. Well if they go off of Freddy Vs Jason then all you should have to do is shoot him with a water gun and he's done lol.
  4. I feel you on that it would be nice to get a preview of what your getting and not make your purchase solely on having faith in them to do right but I'm a sucker for any physical items they have to offer lol.
  5. I honestly don't see any chance it goes to the Switch especially considering it being a big online game and Nintendo has yet to have a console with a good reliable online service.
  6. When they talked about it on the weekly stream Randy made it sound like once the backer kit is done it won't be available anymore. They kept talking about it as being a very limited item so if you want it I wouldn't wait if I were you.
  7. Has anyone seen "31" and if so is it worth the watch? I thought about picking it up but am interested if anyone can recommend it.
  8. My favorite so far is the poker down the throat kill and my least favorite is the drowning in the toilet kill. That water and animation in that kill doesn't look great but game isn't out yet so it could get tweaked.
  9. I hope they add more Jason's as DLC but its probably gonna come down to how well the game sells. I wouldn't be against them doing another poll to decide, the 2 I really would like in are Part 4 and Jason X.
  10. This is actually the thing I want in this game the most. Rain and storms is very frequent in the horror genre especially Friday the 13th and I it would make a huge difference visually. I really hope they can make it happen at some point down the road.
  11. Thats a good idea, it would be cool to have a window smashing moment like in Friday the 13th Part 2. Maybe its something they could add some time down the line.
  12. That would be awesome but I am not getting my hopes up that its gonna happen. Would be super cool though.
  13. I don't understand why the social media has been so toxic for this game. I lose my mind every time I read the comment section on Facebook, its mostly people complaining and accusing them of stealing their money. I wish more people understood game development even just a little before they posted and showed their ignorance.
  14. This post is for Friday the 13th The Game Xbox One players. I have set up the official Friday The 13th The Game group on Xbox One for the game community. Make sure to join, just look up Friday The 13th The Game Official on the groups section on Xbox One.
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