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  1. Answer this and you should know why with out knowing when the lawsuit will end would you pay people to finish uber jason and grendel just to have them sit there for months or years because of the lawsuit and hope the game is still being played and worth putting them into game. or pay them to sit around and wait for the lawsuit to end so the artist etc can go back to finishing uber jason and grendel
  2. bigger game companies can't fight for the rights to Friday the 13th it's between Victor and Sean and the rights are in limbo atm, until it gets sorted who get's what and who has the rights pretty much every thing is stopped or on hold as no one know's who has the rights to Friday the 13th. Once the lawsuit is over and we know who has the rights then a bigger company can go to who has them and get the rights to work on this game again or make a new one.
  3. The lawsuit is out of the games/dev hands and nothing they can do about it even if they sold it to someone new they would still be in the same boat as Gun as they won't be able to get rights to the game till after the lawsuit is done. The only thing that could change is bugs/glitches might get fixed faster and better.
  4. You haven't let me kill you in a while i think a killing is long overdue for you Jasix
  5. It's a good idea and should of been in game but adding it now there are factors that could stop it, if they used the car grab would it work on closed windows or would Jason smash the window and grab them which falls under something new, a open window if the window doesn't break then should be ok as it's the same as a car grab which will make people close windows to stop Jason from being able to do that. But Gun will class it as new content and not put it in even if they could.
  6. Even the first one would be out because it would be classed as adding a new grab because they would have to factor things in like broken windows, a kill for the window i.e if hp is low enough you drag them over broken window and they die with there body hanging over it. But i think the OP is suggesting more along the lines of if the game is ever allowed to add new content to it.
  7. I like the Battle Axe it's something different and the kills on it are nice to i have it paired up with part 8 Jason and it works well with him.
  8. I would go with it happening 1 out of 100 games if not more, we have spent hours playing it some night's and not once has it happened and everyone plays who they have picked in all honesty yes it's a glitch/bug that happens but not one i would be worried about to much and for $20 it would be worth getting. Like @Jasix said if you get it send them or me a massage and we can help you with finding people to play with across different time zones that will help you learn the game and you will have fun playing with and get your money worth out off the game. Even more now that they have the solo challenges you can do, hope all this info help's you a bit as it is a fun game be it you like playing Jason or a counsellor.
  9. It doesn't happen that much i think in the last 2-3 weeks it's happened once to me and the group off people i play with and we play a few good hours nearly every night. It's not just you but everyone in that group gets a different character a lot of the times you can get a good laugh with the characters people get, but i do play in a group of friends so we have a laugh with it and treat it as a normal game. Otherwise the game is a lot of fun and it's even better if you find a group to join and play with and also we have a couple people that only play counsellor but every now and then they will get Jason because of the new system but it might be once a week, It is a game worth getting even more if your a fan.
  10. If your trying to get all the objectives in one run that's when it can get tricky and a pain in the ass and your always having to morph back and forth and beat someone before they see a dead body, if you find you got detected but no one is around chance is someone saw a dead body, but give that a few trys and im sure you will work it out and get it and move on to the next one. let us know how if you pass it.
  11. That one can be a right pain in the ass, if your only going for the skulls it shouldn't be to bad ill try my best to explain it this one can get confusing part 2 Jason helps a lot with + morph. 1. when you get to the house they are playing poker in Buggzy will head of to get more beer, Kenny will follow not long after. 2. the house to the left AJ and Chad are in, AJ will leave to go to the bathrooms and chad will stay. 3. this is where it get's tricky you can kill AJ just after she leaves the cabin there is a nice tree to hang her on then go grab chad and kill him you will need stalk/shift/grab for that one, then morph to the cabin at the top right and get Kenny and grab him. If quick enough you can get Buggzy and Kenny 4. then head back to the main cabin and watch Vanessa and kill her, if you missed Buggzy at the other house he will be back there so wait till Vanessa walks of to the toilets at the far end of the house and get her and put her head in the toilet. 5. if Buggzy is at main table stalk/shift behind him then grab him. 6. last in Deborah which is in the house next to AJ/Chad one sense will tell you, walk up to it and she will get scared and run outside follow her to the archery range and look for the bow and arrows and enjoy the scene. as long as you do all the kill as resourceful kills for the bonus points or the objective ones then you should be fine EXP wise even just did a run to make sure. hope this helps might take a few tries to get the timing right but this should be the easiest way to get the skulls. If any problems let us know.
  12. The group of people i play with most of the time i have a habit of pissing Jason off i play Deborah and have my dads a cop perk on her and the amount of times i've found a knife, disarmed the trap, fixed the fuse and called the cops within the first few min and before they know it's happened, When it comes to Tommy your right i've spawned outside the cabin and called him and as Jason if you break the power box and trap people will find a way to fix it and call Tommy. As much as people cry that it's a exploit it's just a smart move made by a counselor because Jason didn't go to the fuse first, same as the car if i spawn next to the car and the first cabin has a trap ill grab it and run to the car and trap the front off it. Players just need to be aware that counselors are doing this trapping objectives to secure it and the make the choice on where they morph to first and not complain when they went for the power box and someone beat them to the fuse, it's the same as if they go to the fuse and someone call's Tommy and even the car if your lucky while Jason is doing fuse, power boxes and a car a few people might of fixed the other car by then are we going to claim that is a exploit because they fixed the car before Jason could trap it. The way this is going people are going to want to make it that nothing can be fixed until Jason is done placing his traps and destroying power boxes pretty much making the counselors spawn in once Jason has done all that. The only problem with the boat is when the propeller spawns in some stupid spot or people don't pick it up then drop it to show where it is on the map but most times i get away in the boat, i think a lot of people haven't looked at this from another angle and compared it to something else in the game and the boat worked out better then i thought. If you give counselors a chance to do something they will do it they are not going to wait around for Jason to come and trap it or kill them before they can fix something or escape.
  13. Everyone knows developers need to test patches before they make them live, some games have public test servers for players to test out the new patch and pick up anything they might of missed or got wrong. But that doesn't change how they gave us the information in the known issues topic and the patch notes, if they worded it different and said it was fixed in the patch notes and it wasn't we all know how people would react on here. Go have a read of the Known issues topic and you will see that they say they have fixed it and they hope it works with the new patch or did you just skip that part. Even at that point they were unsure if it would work on the new patch that's not me saying that but them. On 5/30/2018 at 7:19 AM, wes said: 15K players - What I was trying to say is that within QA, we can simulate heavy traffic and traffic with high ping rates. But it's a simulation, it's not the same thing as real people playing. Humans do weird stuff. They boot the game, minimize window or go back to dashboard, load ESPN, unplug controllers, replug in different controller, all while game is either loading or already loaded. They close the game, reopen it, over and over. Then once in game, they do unpredictable behaviors. Or perhaps several in a match have high ping, and they all do unexpected things. Behaviors that we never thought to test against. You think you've seen it all, and then you hear about a bug where if you pick up a med spray, drop it, while simultaneously disarming a trap while holding walk backwards, the player is now able to fly or can now walk through doors, etc, etc. Just a bit of info for you to read. As far as my post there was nothing dumb about it i just pointed out how they worded the known issues and patch notes and that even they hoped it worked with the new update. So if you took the information they gave us that it was 100% fixed then that's your problem not mine.
  14. Now put that into someone trapping a fuse box, if Jason morphs there first the counsellor has to find a trap, find the fuse house, find where the fuse box is on the house and trap it, if Jason is morphing there first i can't see someone beating him to it unless they are real lucky with where they spawn. If Jason go's to trap the cars first or destroy the power generators in hopes the one he morphed to is the one to call Tommy if it hasn't been done yet, then morphs to the fuse box to find it's trapped he gave the counsellors the time to trap it. If we compare that to the boat as a counsellor you have to get there before Jason doe's to trap it so if Jason morphs to the fuse box first you have to hope you are quicker then him to drop the trap and get away before he kills you, same as him chasing you in a boat. But if he is of doing other things first and you can place a trap it's the same as Jason not watching the boat and people get away with out him knowing Jason gave them the chance to place the trap, if they don't want people to put traps at fuse box morph there first don't give them the chance to do it and not spend the first few min trapping cars or destroying power generators the complain that someone beat you to the fuse box with a trap you let them trap it by doing other stuff first.
  15. But taking the car of road means Jason has to come at the car with a new approach to stop it, he can't just morph to the road then shift straight to the car if the car was driving on the road. Putting a trap at the fuse box doesn't stop Jason from breaking it when they try to make the call or putting traps around the trap or in other spots to get the counselors Jason has to look at a new approach and angle on how to trap the fuse house. Major difference in mine to you climbing on the roof with yours Jason can't get to you or kill you, with mine there is other parts of the car to trap, Jason can still catch me and kill me before i get the battery in and if the car get's fixed guess what he can still stop the car and kill who ever is in there. All the times i've played Jason i've never had this done to me because the fuse house is the first place i morph to, if other Jason are morphing to other spots first like the car that is their choice but when they get to the fuse box and someone had placed a trap there it's wrong and a exploit because someone beat them to it and they come on here and want it changed so Jason can put his trap there or be able to move traps and Jason doe's have a counter for it guess what it is morphing to the fuse box first. sorry but if a Jason want to go around and trap cars or break power generators to stop Tommy being called then go to the fuse and find out his to late to bad they made the choice on what they wanted to trap first and destory, don't blame anyone or say it's a exploit you made the choice which one was going to be the first thing trap. Or do we need to start handing thing's to Jason so he knows he can do what he want's and the fuse box is safe and he can trap it when he want's to.
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