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  1. Why are you being such a dick to this person's idea? Man, I'm not big on Reggie either but just chill out. Damn.
  2. This game is a disaster and you only have the devs to blame. Not sorry. It's a great game at the core and it's a shame it's all going to go to waste.
  3. How do you continously resort to this? To continue to push and shove all the people's opinions who are getting tired of waiting and shit like this aside because 'Oh wElL mAJoRitY'. How do you even know that and what majority? Who are you speaking for? I'm all for not attacking these devs either, but this? This almost did feel like a slap in the face. "HEY, UPDATE TIME. RAIN ON ONE CONSOLE." Come on! AT LEAST, give us weapon swapping.
  4. Hear me out, this'll sound crazy and take a ton of work. But I really feel like it would add a ton of variety in the game. What if they could make a modern day DLC pack for the councelors, outside of the direct from movie councelors. Basically, new hair, new clothes, to match modern day styles for those archetypes. I can post some specific ideas of what I mean. Does the idea sound interesting to some?
  5. Yeah. I would like a reason. Because outside of the genuinely stupid fear of water, that was a fun, turn the mind off and enjoyable movie with a good look for Jason.
  6. Am I using this right? I feel like I am. Alright, dope. So, I'm issuing a challenge. Mainly as Jason, but I'm not opposed to breaking some ankles as a counselor either. I'm PS4. So, that being said. Who's tryin to die first?
  7. I'll try to make it down. Been looking for one of these. If enough people join, I'll try to make it in time. Friday is usually my group's MCU line-up movie night up until Infinity War. So, we'll see.
  8. Thank you all for that warm welcome! Also! Thanks! Love me some NES Jason. Reminds people that y'know, this is a video game. And to relax. That way their senses go down and bashing their head in with an axe is so much easier. Honestly? I just play as a scout around for knives, and resources type guy. When Jason comes around, I trick hit. I mainly repair and fight. So: like anyone else I guess. I really don't have many tricks up the sleeve. I'm pretty straight forward and it works pretty well awkwardly enough.
  9. That's my saddest thing to take note of. She has way too many options to let this slide.
  10. I genuinely am really all for this idea. I do like variety. I end up using the costumes more than the default suits. Though, it's not make or break for me either.
  11. Would be a bit weird but I truly do believe that. Guess we'll see.
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