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  1. Not sure if this has been addressed here and I am not gonna read through all of this forum to find it. When exactly can this damn home screening glitch be fixed? Happens to everyone I play with on the Xbox One. It is sometimes the end result of playing a long match that is already somewhat frustrating at times, then LOSING all the XP you earn in the match. So can anyone shed some light on this because this NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP.
  2. @Jason's Victim My personal favorite were 6, 7, 8, and 9. Part 3 and 4 were ok, other than that, rest sucked.
  3. The thing is, this game could easily thrive for years. And its not just all the movies that provide great content to use, but many things we could add along the way. Our imagination for this game could easily be used here lol.
  4. Hands down, any of the Halo games. But the tea bagging made up for it lol
  5. Jason X was the only movie I walked out of at the theaters half way through. I liked how bad ass Jason was, but the whole concept of the movie was pure shit.
  6. I been thinking about this for awhile. It would take the game creators to get the proper rights for Freddy. But i was thinking of a Freddy vs. Jason mode played online. Have like 10 counselors, and two other players be Jason and Freddy. The concept would be to see which one can get the most kills, then at the end, have Freddy and Jason fight. Maybe back and forth between Elm Street and Crystal Lake. I don't know, i thought this would bring a shit ton of attention to the game. What you all think?
  7. Why? because I have a hard time tolerating bullshit?
  8. you don't gotta be a prick about it. I've had Xbox Live for 10 years and it was never like this, so don't tell me about terms of service dude.
  9. Just a quick point I want to make, this Xbox Enforcement crap has to end. No more freedom of speech. I can't say anything to people who host games, then quit because I killed their ass, then message them calling them trash, that is all i did. Now, they just extended the date from March 25th to April 5 with no explanation.
  10. To be honest, the NES map was really not so much a map as we see in games today. It was just some cabins, a lake, and some woods. Nothing worth recreating.
  11. Xbox One peoples, my gamertag is TonySAV17
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