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  1. Are That made me feel so much better. Now does anyone know if they are going to make anymore kill packs. I loved the one for 7
  2. Cause I was watching an F13 update on YouTube that did say it's Melissa. Now if you're telling me it's click bait good. Cause I really hate Melissa Nope final dude I own all F13 movies and out of all of the victims she's the one Jason couldn't kill fast enough for me And I don't want Jason x yet either
  3. I could see how that may be a problem with Reggie. Let's put in teen Tommy then. Anybody but Melissa
  4. I wonder why they made pt7 so slow, yet he is the only Jason I've ever seen jump completely through a window and beat a counselor to a door
  5. I want Reggie the reckless or his brother Demon. Maybe extra sexy Pam from pt5. The only two counselors I want to see from pt7 is Tina the psychic, or Nick. Who cares about Melissa

    1. Azmodan_Rising


      Tina the psychic would be great and they would have to bring her in like a, "Tommy Jarvis" type. Chreighton Duke or however it is spelled would be awesome as well.

    2. Azmodan_Rising


      I also want to see an 8-bit Jason. I know they added that retro look to pt-3 but I would like to actually see an 8-bit Jason running around.

  6. I could go for Nick also. Now I don't understand the cocaine is a hell of a drug reply. Guess that guy isn't in the know
  7. I love rain but it seems has been removed from Xbox damn shame
  8. I always liked part 7 especially when the kill pack come out.
  9. Is it just me or the next counselor. The least cared about. If you wanted a Blonde why not Pam from part five. Speaking of part 5 why not Reggie the reckless or his brother Demon. How about Tina the psychic teen. Anybody but Melissa
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