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  1. Haven't played in about a month now, but when I did play AJ exclusively. I really like her stealth and repair. I have Marathon on her so that helps some with stamina. While AJ is not a fighter per se; she does quite well with a shotgun or flare. I rarely grab melee weapons unless it is down to absolute survival and there isn't a gun/flare near me.
  2. Uhm what? So instead of getting killed you quit? That tells me everything I need to know about you.
  3. It's called strategic timing. Pay attention to Jason's Shift/Morph. Wait for him to be in hot pursuit of either someone who has annoyed him...or the car. It's not like Jason stands around waiting for notifications. Yes it may take a little more strategy, but it is very much doable.
  4. I always wait to start the boat until right after Jason Shifts/Morphs - this increases your chances of escaping. If Jason is on the opposite side of the map there is no way he will catch you in the water if he has just used his abilities. This of course works best when you have a team of counselors attempting multiple objectives and communicating.
  5. If you think the F13 Steam community is alive and well - you are sadly mistaken. I ONLY play F13 on Steam. Everyone of my Steam friends are ones I made in F13. I have 214 friends in Steam. The most I have seen in-game the past month was 5 at one point. I belonged to two different Steam Groups for F13 - one had around 40 players and the other I believe 75-ish... they are gone. The groups have disbanded because the majority of the players have stopped playing. The culprit(s)? Bugs.... and.... the party glitch. When the "no new content" was announced a few people left. When the party glitch reared its ugly face...people started dropping like mayflies. I used to play with a YouTuber (not name dropping) and they streamed/recorded F13 every Friday 4-6 hours. Their last stream was July 13th for two hours and they have given up on the game. This YouTuber was a backer and a huge fan, but the party system compunded with all the bugs has pushed many PC players past their limits. Look at my posts the past 6 months - I have been a pretty decent cheerleader for F13, but with almost all my friends gone... I pulled the plug on the game at the end of July. I refuse to team with people in QP and since I can't play with my friends...there was no sense in me continuing to play. It is quite sad actually because I remember just 3 months ago (before the update) on the weekends my friends and I would have multiple lobbies going at once with people on standby waiting to play with us. Is the Steam player base dead? No. Is it hemorrhaging players - absolutely. It is on Life Support and I don't even know if fixing the party system and some of the major bugs will help stabilize it to a decent level of players unfortunately. As for the console player base - I have no idea what that is like because I do not play on either.
  6. The party issue is why I no longer play. I had a solid group of friends that I played with the past 6 months - they have almost all abandoned the game after the party issue appeared. We are from various parts of the world and doing private matches results in a hodge podge of people with atrocious pings (400+). We tried numerous variations of hosts, but the effect was still the same.. a few would have good/decent pings and the rest horrible. So one by one they abandoned the game. I haven't actually played now for 2 weeks. I refuse to play in QP with a bunch of strangers; didn't mind it when it was 4-5 friends and 2-3 QP people...but a lobby full of them - No thanks. IF they ever fix the issue I may try coming back if some of my friends do - otherwise unfortunately I am done playing.
  7. Just an fyi - replying to someone pointing out their post is hyperbolic... does not constitute harassment. Heck I even agreed with you that it is an issue that should have been addressed and is a real/known issue with some players. My objection was to your misrepresentation of the actual time period the issue has been happening per your dates provided. If you feel like I am harassing you; you can report me to a moderator and/or ignore me. I just think that posts should be accurate instead of embellished.
  8. If it is the one that has already been posted on here; the one with Patreon - I wouldn't hold your breath as it screams scam all over it (like the supposed SCREAM game).
  9. May 24, 2018 to August 9, 2018 is not 4 months. I'm not saying your issue is not real, but stating that it hasn't worked for 4 months and then saying since the update (May 2018)... 2.5 months would be more realistic and less hyperbolic. Again... the issue is real - no need to inflate the severity/duration of the issue.
  10. I don't know the exact date, but one of the bug fixes made it so that if you have multiple people in a party and you join a server...it would disband the party and kick some of the people from the server. So then the only workaround is for people to play in private matches. Well the group that I played with we were from all over the world; UK, AU, US, etc... trying to do private has made everyone's pings go to crap and caused a lot of disconnection issues. So while the May update wasn't good, and the new content wasn't good... this bug is the straw that broke the camel's back. Slowly an active group has becomes a shell of its former self. Now when you log on to Steam you still see the members, but they are spread out across various games. I played this game because I had met some great people who I had an amazing time playing with. It wasn't one or two people who left, but more like 30-40 from the group. My experiences in QP are what made me originally quit playing the game; the racism, homophobia, sexism, and just disgusting behavior by the QP community. Since QP has never been fun and since that is basically my only choice... I decided it was time to quit and uninstall. I did have a great 6 months playing the game though.
  11. The group of 50+ people that I played with consistently has disappeared for the most part. The May update didn't slow us down... Heck even the "no new content" didn't affect us that much. The kicker was the loss of the party system on PC. Without having the ability to create a party and join a server we slowly dwindled down. Used to be on weekends we would run 2 lobbies because we had plenty of people online at same time. Last week we didn't even have enough to fill one lobby.... Most of the players have moved on to dbd or other games. I am not a fan of dbd so I am basically no longer a part of any group. Since I loathe QP... I uninstalled the game. If the QP community wasn't so toxic I would have continued to play, but if I want to hear juvenile swearing and insults I can get that at work from the inmates. So I guess now all that is left for me to do is lurk in the forums. Who knows... maybe they will fix the party system... if not - I had a good run and got a lot of enjoyment out of the game. (I used to play with a YouTuber as well - he would stream F13 2-3 times a month. His last stream was on July 13th and lasted less than 2 hours; instead of the normal 4-5, because of the party system. He has given up playing F13 as well.... sigh)
  12. Just a thought: Miller is owed money.. and here is why. Although he had nothing to do with the sequels - the character he created (Jason Voorhess) did. Yes he created Jason as a child who died/drowned, but that child is the grown up version we see in the sequels. He also created Pamela Voorhees who did appear in part two of the film; they even used some footage from the first movie when it comes to Pamela Voorhees. So while he did not create adult Jason - he did create the actual character and lore surrounding that character. In numerous F13 movies Jason is referenced as the one who drowned as a child etc etc... which was Miller's concept/story. Here's why I think he is owed money. Let's do an example of another movie: Beetlejuice. If you agree with Cunningham you are saying that there could be a Beetlejuice 2 without giving credit to the original creator of Beetlejuce. Even if your movie doesn't actually have Beetlejuice in it, but talks about Beetlejuice throughout the movie... you are using the character and lore of that character so why wouldn't you pay the original writer/creator? IP consists of a lot of thought and ideas... Miller is the one who set up the entire idea of Friday the 13th... Cunningham expanded on that idea, but still included the original lore/characters that Miller created. Edited: Just finished watching part 3... Pamela Voorhees (Miller's character that he created) is in the beginning and end of film. The credits...give credit to Victor Miller.. "Based upon characters created by...."
  13. Not being snarky, but why would they tell us anything if nothing has changed from "working on bugs/dedicated servers." Do you simply want them to repeat that? They won't give a deadline for completion since there are too many factors involved to give too much of an advanced notice. "Working on" means they are working on it - I assume that once it (dedicated servers) are close to done we will know. As far as bugs go...I mean it's kinda the same deal; unless you want them to say something like: Currently working on glitches a, b, c, and d?? I just fail to see what "update" they can give aside from "Yep we are still working on what we told you were last time...." If they said "We fixed x, y, and z... and still working on a, b, and c" all that people would then do is demand a date of when the already finished fixes would be uploaded etc. Then if they said "We will release the fixes once we fix a, b, and c... " Guess what people reply with: When when when when? So what exactly do you want them to say? They already said what they are doing.
  14. Part of the problem with the PC population right now is the borked up party system that does not allow a group of say 5-8 friends to create a party and join/create a lobby without people being kicked etc. So now my group of friends we just run our own private matches and do not even mess with the dedicated servers. before if there were just 5-6 of us we would just join a dedicated server/qp lobby, but we can't do that now. Frankly I don't like to play with 5-7 strangers because I find most of them to be horrible players who have no idea how to play the character they choose. As for the randomly assigned counselor bug - I haven't had that issue or seen it since the patch at the beginning of July.
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