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  1. If a fan can create detailed graphics like this Mod why cant The Illfonic guys create something as cool as this in a graphics update.
  2. I Really would like to ask The Gunmedia and Illfonic to talk to us about what the Graphics update would look like and give us a preview. Also would it ever be Possiable to Play as a Counselor With Bots To Hunt Down Jason with the sweater in a single player challenge mode. What about shadows of Trees on The Road and Mist flowing through wooded areas in the graphics update. Theres lots more questions that lots of us have. Id really like to know if the game is selling and Growing. Could there ever be a possiblity of custom designed paid maps.
  3. When the game was being developed and The Gunmedia team was Holding peoples money and funds they would do a podcast live with questions and awnsers for forum members. to keep people happy because they still were holding funds from the Backer sales. But i Think its necessary to do something special for forum members. Since Shifty said that Hes not a Fan of Road Maps CANT WE HAVE QUESTIONS AND AWNSERS PODCAST. HERES OTHER GAME MODES THAT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED BUT HAVE NOT SHOWN UP. 1.EXPLORATION MODE Where counselors can explore diffrent maps. 2.Paranoia Mode. THESE ARE MY QUESTIONS I WOULD ASK THE ILLFONIC DEVELOPMENT TEAM. 1.is Exploration mode still in the works. 2.Is there plans to include Shooting locations from The Movies not yet in the Game. 3.Will the Graphics update be an Overwhelming Change. Im posting a video here from youtube Which shows a Graphic change in The Game with more detail that would be awesome.
  4. I Know its just a wish. But there is so many unawnsered questions and Ideas on The Forum. Would The Developers Agree to do a Live Question and awnsers For Forum Members. Questions i would ask are Is an Exploration Mode Still in The Works. What is Happening with Paranoia Mode. Can we Talk about Maps From The Movies that are not in The Game. How Well is the Game Selling. Does Game Sales Expect to Rise This Holiday season. How Far does Illfonic and Gunmedia plan to expand onto this game into 2019. Please Shifty and Illfonic guys consider doing a special questions and awnsers Podcast For Forum Members only. Why Not This coming Friday the 13th or July Friday the 13th 2018.
  5. you know i really wish these questions could be asked in a live podcast just for forum members.
  6. NO Teasers are fun and exciting. Teasers are just hints of what the Illfonic guys are putting togeather and building. We should Get another road map with Teasers and Hints.
  7. Im sure The Gunmedia team guys know how many copies last month that Friday sold. I Think this Christmas could even be better for F13th sales. Gunmedia company is the marketing company so they know better than anyone how many copies have sold last month and are selling this month. if any of the Gunmedia team guys read this can you tell us if the game is still selling well.
  8. Well when playing as a counselor it does suck to have to find a pocket knife. if pocket knives become a perk then Jason should get 7 traps.
  9. If The game sells well this spring during college spring break and High school kids off for the summer. Could we ask for more stuff. My Question for The Illfonic Guys and Gunmedia Guys is how well is the game Selling this Spring and Summer. It Seems to me that there is a Bunch of New Players. Could it be possible to expand this game with more add on content based on sales and new players.
  10. We need The whole New york experiance in Jason takes Manhattan map. Also Has Jason takes Manhattan New york map even been talked about or confirmed by the Developers.
  12. hmm i think jasons grab is fine. jason should be more powerfull than counselors. i think jason is to easy to kill. people who play as counselors complain about jason. people who play as jason complain about counselors have it too easy. THE SOLUTION TO ALL THIS WHINING AND COMPLAINING THAT EACH SIDE IS NOT FAIR IS SIMPLE. THE DEVELOPERS NEED TO MAKE A DIFFICULTY SETTING FOR EACH MAP. THEN THE PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED. PEOPLE CAN PLAY IN A NIGHTMARE MODE Where Jason is stronger and its more of a challenge for counselors. Easy mode would be easier for counselors.
  13. I think it would be great to at least get a questions and awnsers session with Gun and Illfonic guys if we are not getting a new road map. questions and awnsers about maps and everything.
  14. i think your being to sensitive. calling someone a troll just because they post things others dont agree with doesent really make them a troll. i think your being to sensitive and irretable.
  15. they should take the stun ability from the pocket knife. just use the pocket knife to fend off Jason.
  16. im hoping the April update is ready and maybe before friday the 13th it will drop.
  17. I Agree that Pamela should fit into the game first. But i would like to see a Custom Jason.
  18. Maybe something special and surprising will happen April 13th. theres a chance that the Devs are just trying to surprise us.
  19. i Agree i think a new Road map showing possiable Maps for the game with very detailed explainations of Maps,Counselors clothing dlcs etc. I Really want to see what Map is next.
  20. I Started this thread regretably to simply ask if anyone knew if starting a match with a pocket knife would be in the perk updates. i honestly have never been banned on this forum. i never meant to troll or cause problems. i now can say after it has been brought to my attention that having a pocket knife perk to start out in the game with would be wrong and cause Jason to be at a disadvantage. things i didnt think about before is Jasons traps would be uneffective.
  21. Ok im done with this thread. i can not belive the anger and frustration when mentioning pocket knives. its beyond me and your right i completly am lost and dont understand what the hell the deal is with pocket knives. forget i mentioned it. MODERATOR CLOSE THIS THREAD.
  22. You know i really dont understand how a counselor can start out the match with a baseball bat melee heavy stun weapon and its not a big deal. but starting the match with one pocket knife is suddenly a huge deal. NO YOUR ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT IM NEW AND I DONT UNDERSTAND THE BIG DEAL WITH POCKET KNIVES. Also you dont know for sure unless SHIFTY OR ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM SAYS FOR SURE That there will be no Perks with Pocket knives.
  23. But how do you know that pocket knives wont be one of the perks. why are pocket knives a problem please explain the horror everyone has with pocket knives.
  24. Will the Gunmedia and Illfonic guys agree to Obscure maps that are not in the plans to create if enough people agree to buy it instead of it being free. Will there be created maps that will become for sale later.
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