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  1. As a general rule no. If they are being a toxic little shit though, then it's on.
  2. I don't think there is any best perks for specific counselors. Your overall goal will determine the best perks for you.
  3. I disagree about it being no contest. If you want a sneaky sweater girl Tiffany is a better choice. Jenny with her high composure is also a solid choice.
  4. It's fair. Just boring. I try not to use the same kill twice if I can help it.
  5. Marathon being meta is debatable. But it's more useful than you give it credit for. Anytime I don't run it I feel the difference.
  6. Me and my friends preferred method was always SG hiding right by the door to the sweater room and stunning Jason as soon as he gets to the door. I'd guess it worked over a hundred times. I voted 11% to 25%. I actually feel 10% to 15% is a better target. That way it's not ridiculously rare, but not every other game either.
  7. That probably would be the common build. It wouldn't be my approach, but it would happen alot. As a side note I'd love for it to be an option in offline bots.
  8. How so? Killing Jason isn't hard. It's harder to avoid a good kill squad then keeping people from escaping.
  9. The only time I find the game stressful on either side is if I worry about the outcome. Usually I'm pretty relaxed otherwise.
  10. I never find playing as Jason stressful. Counselor can be stressful if you let it. Usually I bounce between being the person who fixes half the stuff and the cocky idiot who leads Jason on a marry chase. My only death last time I played was against my friend. Even then it took him about 12 minutes.
  11. I think you'd need to be extremely careful about the run speed. Otherwise human Jason's would be ridiculously OP. You'd end up with nothing but Vanessa in every lobby.
  12. Yeah last time I played the high level not counting me and my friends was 20. We all set our preferences to counselor. I don't want to wreck a bunch of newbies.
  13. He has no meaningful weaknesses and plus destruction. That's why he's so strong. Not that part 6 is a bad choice though.
  14. I don't have any problem finding a game. While definitely in the latter half of life it's still alive.
  15. Another thing you can do is open a private match. Then back out and hit quick play. I've had that help when a match wouldn't load.
  16. It can be fun when it's working right. @deborahwaifu wtf is instant grab? Do you mean Jason's grab that gives you all the kill animations in the game? If you think his grab is broken you should have seen it around launch buttercup. Anybody who thinks the game is Jason sided is kidding themselves.
  17. The increased chance to roll better perks would be nice. I think the Jason customization would actually be okay. Instead of swapping entire loadout though. Allow them to swap one strength and one weakness.
  18. I don't think it's your playstyle. Without having seen you play, I will guess you just need more practice juking. It took me a long time to become fairly decent at juking shifts.
  19. Why so hostile towards sweater girl? Is it you've encountered alot of unpleasant kill squads? To your earlier points about trapping the shack. Wasting the resources or people going for the kill is certainly never a bad thing. But most people don't go for the kill. At least in my experience. Yours of course may differ. The reason I don't trap the shack is to maintain my options as long as possible. I'll trap the objectives because the counselors will always try to complete those. While going for the kill is far less frequent. Since I know you're a part 6 main, I'm curious if you also trap to help deter counselors from taking the sweater before you have shift?
  20. It's extremely helpful. But not required by any means. I used to actually favor Medic over Thick Skin for the added versatility.
  21. I went with no as I think it's generally a waste. Not to say it's always a bad idea. But usually it doesn't matter if you do it.
  22. I was playing the game for nearly 6 months before my first Jason kill. At the time it felt like a big thing. Until i realized how easy it actually is. Killing him should be a challenge. I don't him buffed to the moon. Just a few tweaks to make it a bit more fair for Jason. All I want is an HP buff, quick block to work properly again, and a few seconds of invincibility frames coming out of a stun. Give Jason those three things and it'll make all the difference for experienced Jason players. I'd also like the power box for the Tommy house marked. But the devs have already said no. Also the average player doesn't need to kill Jason it should be earned. On Jarvis and Pinehurst it actually is easier. The other maps it'd say it's more even as to which is easier.
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