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  1. I killed someone last night like 3 minutes into the match because of this. Trapped the phone box and cut out power next to it. As soon as i did i heard a counselor going "Please, no." Walked into the cabin and killed them instantly. Also last night i screwed up fixing the phone box and Jason morphed and destroyed it before i could get the call in. Luckily there was a Chad in the building too so i hid under a bed and waited for Jason to chase him so i could go back and get the cops called.
  2. I'm fairly new to the game. I was playing the other night as Jason and cleared the map, but there was a high rated Vanessa basically running circles around rooms in a cabin and this lasted for 4-5 minutes. I eventually killed them when they started trying to take hits at me "ran out of stamina possibly?" but was curious if there was any way to play against this? It was in a cabin so there was no way of setting a trap. almost impossible to hit them with a throwing knife because of the cabin walls. I tried shift but honestly didn't help much. Like i said i eventually got them, but it seems kind of silly for someone to be able to do this for that long.
  3. I'm fairly new to playing this game (bought in December) and have pretty much used Part 2, 3, or 4 Jason when playing online. The few times I've tried a walking Jason I barely killed any counselors. With a running Jason, i normally clear the map, or at least get 6 kills. Are there any tips in using a non-running Jason? I'd like to be able to play any and be pretty effective.
  4. The 3 instances that I'm guaranteed to slash. 1. Tommy Jarvis 2. Group of counselors 3. When a counselor runs out of stamina during a chase and invites you to grab them
  5. I think it would be cool if somewhere down the road Jason would start out without a weapon and would have to find things to use along the way. Make it where he can’t slash unless he finds an ax, machete, etc. in the movies Jason just used whatever was lying around at the time to kill.
  6. I bought this game late (December) and worked and grinded until I got to level 44 so I could have all of the Jason’s unlocked (I’m really liking part 4 Jason btw.) my question is; what is there to unlock beyond level 44? I know you can get skins and a handful of kills, but is that all?
  7. The only time I'd want to place a trap inside of the cabin is when you have a counselor looping tables and whatnot.
  8. I've never been killed as Jason, but I've seen online the exact scenario I'm talking about. 4 or 5 counselors huddled in the middle of the road with 10 weapons or so they have lying around waiting to be attacked. I've also never hid in water against Tommy and the sweater, I'm saying it's a flaw in the game that 1. Jason is basically helpless against a group of snot nosed teenagers with baseball bats and swiss army knives and that 2. Jason is able to hide in the water all match if he's about to be killed. It needs to be more of a challenge to kill Jason fucking Voorhees and is ridiculous that people have to play defensive as Jason at all.
  9. Throwing knives are great and all, but every counselor has med spray to negate them. What would be so bad about having one instant kill weapon somewhere on the map for Jason to be able to hunt down and use on Tommy or sweater girl when there's 5+ counselors huddled in a circle waiting to kill him?
  10. He's in the water lol. They know where he is. No hunting is needed. I think Jason needs some sort of instant distance kill like a spear throw, harpoon, etc that he can go find to be able to challenge a group of counselors hunting him down.
  11. "It's just a game. It doesn't matter if you die." Seriously, if counselors team up to to exploit the chain stun and get the easy kill on Jason, what's the difference in having Jason exploit that he's invincible in water to get the easy kill on the counselors?
  12. Why don't the counselors go in the water after Jason if they want to kill him so badly?
  13. What about 16 counselors and 2 Jason’s? Hell you could have Tommy Jarvis and Tina as returning characters
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