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  1. Hey everyone, Ive read an article tonite...saying hosts that leave, jasons that leave, and players that randomly drop out of games are gonna be handed salt or droped into salt mines?!? I rarely host myself and never leave (500 hundred points is 500points for completing a game aha) What does everyone think about this? Also is this going to be rolled out after they fix the hosting bug's? My firends who usally host our matches, literally get a hosting error twice a night ,or players de-sync in parties, which means we all have restart our apps and reload the game, will the game know its their end that has crashed and not us just leaving? Happy hunting
  2. Haha some of these are great! I mean i knownit can be annoyimg but some of these are hilarious! Yeah my friend fliped the car but it was literally vertical and wouldnt move after. @SmugDoka Yeah jarvis house, the side of the deck chairs you can sneak up there and not get grabbed, but kinda makes the game boring and pointless.
  3. Hey fellow campers As we know friday13th most definitely comes with a fair few glitches and bugs, infact its even brought up when playing the virtual cabin. I was just wondering whats the worst/ best glitch you have found? Or seen? Mine are both seen The worst is the jarvis house when people run up the side of the porch and Jason cannot grab them! (A throwing knife does the trick mind) The best i saw, Jason and im sure a female character had a stand off at the police, 6 of us had escaped via the police already. So what does this Jason do? He grabs the player and walks them past the police(no joke) he was then able to kill the escaped counselors! It was very bizarre and only happened the one time.
  4. @Slasher_Clone Brilliant concept...can i ask, how would you go about the time scale? I mean you have to put in the hours to have a good roll and set of perks anyways, and then to build them? Would it still be based on a rolling perk? It could take ages to roll the perks needed in order to build the all the correct pyramids?
  5. I was wondering does anybody know how the tapes spawn in the game? Ive come across a few Pamala tapes but only one Tommy. I seem to be struggling whereas my friends have found most of them. Any suggestions? Or it it just luck? Thanks
  6. Okay maybe i should have explained this summat better and not used the word annoying (as apparently im now deemed psychologically broken?? thanks guys), it was mainly to put across the point that id like a grab and kill option if a counselor got close to me while i was down or stunned. I mean in every good slasher film when you think the killer is down and they go closer to check the killer is dead the person usally ends up getting grabbed and killed. When playing the vitual cabin the developers said they wanted the game to run like a film hence your opening scene, so i thought this would be a good idea to keep the counselors scared.
  7. With the legendary perks i was kinda hoping they drop some of the pointless perks, like climbing out of a window faster or the closing door quicker. And maybe inprove on stamina perks? I dunno. Yeah a few people have mentioned how badly balanced he is... Im also glad you mentioned Jason part 7 i totally agree there! Especially because you have to use him in order to get the dismemberment achievement! Which again i was annoyed about because its not only DLC kill, but its like 1000cp aswell! I felt right ripped off about that!
  8. Yeah i can see where you are coming from, there are loads of useless perks, (the closing doors quicker perk baffles me, as it takes less than a second anyways) but i do like the medic and no loss of mini map. Do you think maybe the weapon changes/swapping that are coming for Jason may balance his abilities?
  9. Hey everyone Im really excited for the new legendary perks that are soon been released on friday13th! What is everyone hoping for? However i was wondering why doesnt jason have perks, I get he has plenty of grab kills, But wouldn't it be great for him to have perks of his own? Recovering from stuns/pocket knifes quicker? Picking up and reusing bear traps? Or been able to set traps inside?(Counselors already have this ability) If you could pick a perk for Jason what would it be?
  10. Hey guys I was thinking, how annoying is it when your trying to grab a counselor only for them(or another player) to hit you and then crouch down on top of you? I think there should be an instant grab kill if people get to close to jason while he is down or stunned... Whats everybody think? Shouldnt Counselors should be scared of been caught by jason not playing around with him?
  11. Hey Ive been playing since January We have a group of about 8-9 players so it get pretty intense Favorite map is packanack or crystal lake. Least favourite has to be pinehurst its so big and we have glare issues some cabins are natually dark or really bright aha, have you had any of these problems? Favorite jason is baghead but im looking forward to the weapons changing update. Thankyou for the gaming tags
  12. Hey fellow campers and killers! How did everyone find this weekends double xp event? I personally found it really good and addictive, in turn it allowed me and my friends to level up loads and gain cp which should help towards the new legendary perks that should be coming soon. Did anyone find any problems with the events? -We got alot of bots playing or people been in the game but not playing. What perks are people hoping for?
  13. Hey everyone just looking for new information on the game, updates and general all out funies. Happy hunting/escaping
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