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  1. I think other characters need compensation for their additional help in moving items. Often times you gotta drop your item for a character who has higher repair than you. Because of this you're often missing out on all the potential XP. Thus I propose we include a Transporation point category. Basically, the closer you bring an item toward it's proper objective, the more points you get. Within 5000 meters of the objective, every fifty meters you gain one point, for a max of 100 points. So you don't start gaining points until you're at least 5000 meters. If your character has 7 repair or higher, then the points are reduced by 50%. Your points max out if you either take the object and drop it within five meters of the objective or repair it. Dying applies the points as well; if you're grabbed, the point where you drop it is where the amount is applied; this includes if Jason takes you away from the objective, so if you're grabbed and you're carrying keys or a fuse, then you're gonna lose points if he walks away from it, but not enough to make a significant difference.
  2. This is cancerous enough with Pallets in Dead By Daylight where people camp the stun spots for free points or stuns.
  3. I dunno if its a problem with hit detection. The range and the animation don't always sync up so what may look like a hit from the animation may very well just be "out of range" according to the game.
  4. Asking us to define trolling is like asking someone to... well... define trolling. Trolling has never really been defined. But I think I can list a few trolling tactics in the game, some worse than others; - Exploiting glitches that supposedly Jason can't get you from (Even though I have grabbed someone off a supposed spot Jason couldn't grab them. It was satisfying. - Leaving before the Jason finishes a kill animation, with the knowledge that it ruins the kill animation. - Acting like a general douche over the mic. A couple things like that.
  5. I like separating healing items into different categories. It gives the game a better vibe to it. Bandages are common, Painkillers are less common, Medspray is the least common. However I'd make it so that bandages allow you to heal overtime up to half the counselor's health rather than just a slash-equivalent of damage. It'd be a bit more useful then; you can still kill the counselor if the pressure is on but its useful enough to the counselor to not immediately abandon it. Medic perk can probably be nerfed to make it so that the medspray you pick up no longer takes two slots.
  6. They stated on Twitter that it does not affect players who leave after they've died.
  7. The advantage is that Jason can sense them easier and within the confines of that area. Unless Jason is constantly wasting his sense fully a counselor won't sneak out while Jason is fucking around. I think a better option rather than giving Jason "Night Vision" is to just allow Jason to see a big better in the dark; not completely better to the point where using Sense is irrelevant but good enough so that you can actually see where the fuck you're going. That way you still have to manage sense if you wanna see clearly but you aren't completely blind when you jump into a building.
  8. The fact that sense has a cooldown isn't a problem. This isn't a problem. It's not gameplay hindering in fact it can serve to make gameplay better as it can help Counselors slip away easier.
  9. Except we do to deter people like you. How about instead of telling us not to give our opinions if you don't like us criticising ideas don't post.
  10. You mean leaving during a kill, the thing that makes Jason fun to play, and the main selling point as Jason, causing the model to ragdoll and the animation screw up? You're telling me you can't wait for a ten second kill animation to finish? Are you really THAT tryhard?
  11. How is that? If Jason gets caught how is that benefiting the counselors? Just puts you in the same position. You can't escape because he's still outside and can shift to you in a moment. If he steps in the bear trap at least you actually have a chance to escape since he's already inside.
  12. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5431-jason-perks/?page=4 Here I made a list of perks. They are each powerful and useful, but Jason can only equip one of them. That means you can select each perk depending on how you want to play Jason, rather than just getting an objectively better rarity of perk like Counselors. While the perk system isn't that broken (except for Medic) compared to DbD, it isn't my favorite that the perks have random negative effects.
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