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  1. The rage buff they gave Jason is one of the best things they added to the game, and this is coming from someone who plays counselor exclusively.
  2. It would be nice to give some added incentive to use the longer kill animations over the shorter ones (aside from the incentive of how awesome they are). Maybe award 10 XP bonus for the Head Punch kill, 25 XP for a kill which is 6-8 seconds, and 75 XP for a kill which is 10+ seconds. Also, maybe a post-match bonus for things like a variety bonus for not repeating the same kill, or a bonus for using environment kills for the majority of the match (if 5/8 were environmental)
  3. I love the single-player challenge where you drown Tiffiny and her body is left to float face-down in the lake. I'd love for them to incorporate this into the multiplayer, so when you observe "your body", you see yourself floating. It would also make sense for other counselors to react to a body they can see floating and lifeless.
  4. For good jump scare possibilities, closed doors could cause quite a bit of paranoia. Never knowing if Jason could be on the other side in a dark cabin would be a lot of fun, and cause lots of tension.
  5. This topic was brought up today (May 10th) in the live dev Twitch stream. Wes and Shifty don't seem too into the idea of Jason closing doors, as they feel it humanizes him too much. Far point, so how about this for a compromise: When Jason finds an open interior door (not a main cabin entrance door), the player get a X button prompt. If player hits X, the door mysteriously starts to slowly close on its own, even making a creepy creaking sound. Counselors can hear the door slowly closing, which could indicate Jason is there, but if done when nobody is around, the door will close and counselors won't know it was "closed" by Jason. Could this idea work, Wes even said he gets the demand to have Jason close the door for the Stalk jump scares?
  6. I always felt Jason should be able to put his mask back on, making it very important to make sure it is picked up and kept away from him. But if Jason kills the person who is carrying it, he can put it back on and the whole process starts over.
  7. Totally agree with this, it's a little disappointing the counselors don't wear the outfits you have selected for Quick Play.
  8. Something I'd love to be able to do is close doors when I am Jason to allow better chance for those Stalk mode jumpscares. Open doors can be a sign you've been there as Jason, being able to close them could allow you to cover your tracks better and remain undiscovered. Having a counselor open a bathroom door to find you standing there would be an amazing jumpscare opportunity!
  9. I love the option to assign Jason and the weather effects for private matches, and would like to see more things the host can control: 1. What escape options are available in a match: the game can have 3 escape options to select from the 4, phone, 4-seater, 2-seater, boat. Host can choose which 3 out of the 4 are in the match. Even if phone is not chosen as an option, all vehicles could technically accommodate the 7/8 players trying to escape Jason. It could change up Jason gameplay too, as most Jason players head straight for the phone box as soon as the game starts. 2. Toggle repair items appearing on the map on/off: I miss the old days when communicate was a big part of a successful match. I understand why repair items appear on the map once they have been picked up, but I'd love the option in private matches to turn that off and go back to how it was. 3.Counselors are locked once selected: For those who have seeing the same counselor break their immersion, host has the option to set it so once someone hits Ready, the character they selected is locked and cannot be used by anyone else that match. 4. Toggle counselors appear on the map on/off: This to me would be a lot of fun, and take the game back to the dev's original vision of how vital communication is. No other player shows up on your map unless they are in range (similar to chat without a radio). Finding radio would be crucial to knowing where your allies are, and would definitely make for a more immersive match that round. 5. Toggle vehicles appear on the map on/off: Similar to counselors, you have to find the vehicles yourself or be told via another player what they are, and where they are. once again, making communication a huge part of survival and strategy.
  10. Yes, I rarely use hiding spots for how little time you have in there before you give away your position by breathing. The mini game leaves how long you can go undetected in your own hands with the mini-game, which can be easy or difficult, depending on your characters stealth and composure stats.
  11. I always thought the hiding spots should be a mini game similar to repairing, only based on your stealth and composure stats. So, the mini-game would be a lot easier for Jenny than it would be for Chad. Failing the mini-game would get increasingly harder, and failing it is when your character draws a breathe or says something.
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