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  1. I can confirm that all of the above is still a problem. Regardless, big thumbs up for getting the Jarvis House counselors off their lazy butts! I hadn't seen slacking like that since the last time I told my kids to clean their rooms!
  2. Yeah, I realize that people like me who play exclusively offline are second-class citizens but I'd like to think that they'd take the fact that we've lost an entire map in Jarvis House at least somewhat seriously .
  3. You probably are in the minority but you are certainly not alone. Why fear something you can kill?
  4. Today, Offline Bots, Crystal Lake Small, Hard Mode, Jason 6 w machete : All of the last four counselors were found in cabinets after lots of fruitless searching. Only entering rage enabled me to find them. I suspect that they entered the cabinets and were unable to exit.
  5. Beating up Jason the first half of the match fills his rage bar faster. It only hastens the inevitable butt-whooping coming to the counselors. It seems like most counselors would like to avoid that in favor of more time to do objectives.
  6. I don't really have a dog in this fight, since I don't play online. If I haven't killed all the bots before rage kicks in then I'm having an off night. Having said that, I have to wonder what some people hoped to get from this game. If their intent was always "Let's go beat up Jason" then I have to think that they aren't really fans of the property at all. Although I love playing Jason, the horror fan in me longs to be a counselor. Alone in the woods...every shadow a potential concealment for a deranged killer...knowing that it's a matter of WHEN, not IF he eventually finds you... Folks, this was meant to be a HORROR game. Jason is meant to be scary. That's what this update was about, not pacifiying Jason mains. Without his air of invincibility, Jason is just a lost goalie. No ones buying this game for that. What glory is there in beating a weak Jason? Why bother playing if your opponent is a goofy pinata instead of a horror icon? I think we're due for an influx of new players on account of this patch. Some will want to taste Jason's new power but others will want to test themselves against a Jason worthy of the name.
  7. Does it seem to happen more in offline? That's where I've seen it twice now.
  8. Anybody seen this one before? This is only my second time encountering this glitch. Creepy, ain't it? Kiss me, baby!
  9. Jason isn't scary because he can be ganged up on and bullied. I have a cure for that.... I'm just going to leave it here and see how it goes over. Stunning Jason instantly destroys the weapon used.
  10. I would mark out over a Hammer Dracula game (using the late Sir Christopher Lee's likeness, of course) even harder than I did Friday. Someone needs to make this happen.
  11. I have to agree. It even happens to me and I play nothing but bots. It makes no sense for Jason to trade hits with a counselor and have the undead monster be the one counting stars afterwards.
  12. Upo further reflection this game engine would be an even better fit for a Count Dracula game than I had originally thought. The Count is actually capable of most of the things that Jason is able to do including the teleportation and the super fast movement. Even the setting would work out perfectly. Replace the cabins with primitive Village Huts, remove the modern-day items and Crystal Lake becomes typical Transylvanian Countryside. Not to mention using Count Dracula would justify the limited amount of time you have to capture the counselors. After all Dracula has to be in before daylight (in most pop culture adaptations) whereas Jason really had no good reason be limited on time.
  13. I've often thought that Count Dracula would work well in this game. Give him kills like the blood suck and the Heart rip and we're good to go. He can even turn into a cloud of mist when he goes into the shift form. And he is of course in the public domain.
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