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  1. If it was for offline only, then yeah! I'd love to customize each Jason to a specific playstyle. I'm fine with the current system, but. I would've liked to have had the option, to customize Jasons strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Looks like Uber Jason to me... Nice little teaser there.
  3. Cool pictures, i think these would've gave a closer look into the Voorhees famliy life before the events of the firs film, thanks for sharing this fellow moustached brother. Just got a question. Did you ever consider or make any collectible photos of Elias Voorhees?
  4. true, lets take the art book and soundtrack for example... I understand that people paid for the art book and soundtrack, and that those people have been waiting 3 years(Too long of a wait imo) for the artbook and soundtrack. But the majority of the community have paid for the game expecting new content, i understand the whole lawsuit situation is "preventing" them for releasing new content. But the lawsuit doesn't take effect until next month, so Gun/Illfonic could've released him this month. Then released patches fixing him in the n future patches... But, we can't all have the things we wanted...
  5. Yeah, wonder what next horror franchise they'll ruin? make another great game with?
  6. Imo, this just futher proves that Gun/Illfonic. Are using the lawsuit to get out of developing future dlc for this game... I'm hoping development does pick back up after this lawsuit is over, i don't care if its Gun/llfonic. Or another publisher and developer. i just want this game to grow...
  7. Don't take the game seriously. Try and have fun. Playing serious will just cause you to go under pressure... Pun intended...
  8. Successful things about the game... Getting Harry Manfredini, Tom Savini, and Kane Hodder to work on this game. Good atmosphere. Models for both Jason and Counsellors look good(well, some of them anyways). The maps look good. The kills are awesome. Bad things about the game... Pretty much everything else...
  9. Wikipedia page for pie: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie this is what a pie looks like:
  10. This still hasn't been answered? @ShiftySamurai Can you answer this question please? We all really want to know if you guys are going to implement client side saves into the game.
  11. Vinnie was Pantera's and DamagePlan's dummer... But your right, I hope a lot of singers and musicans don't pass away this year.
  12. Listening to some Pantera, after finding out Vinnie has passed away... Was also listening to Headlong earlier:
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