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  1. I'd like to see every Jason be 100% movie accurate, but. I'm not really bothered about it all that much. If they make the changes, then awesome! If they don't, then whatever. Doesn't really matter to me.
  2. A Magical Fetus? I've seen my fair share of fetuses, but never a Magical one. But regardless, welcome to the forums.
  3. Super Mario Bros 3 and Military Madness.
  4. I roll perks, choose which kills and Jason that i want to use for that game before i search for a lobby. As soon as i join a lobby, i ready up almost immediately.
  5. They could just give it to another indie developer, now it would be a better if it was given to a AAA dev. But if they're not interested in working on it, and if Gun want this game to continue. Their going to have to either; show this game to some indie devs and see if they would be interested in picking up this game. Or wait until a ruling has been made and then Illfonic can start working on it again. I don't care on what they decide to do, I just want the game to continue. And I just want to play as Uber Jason....
  6. They're not interested in developing new content. Which is why I hope Vic wins the lawsuit, hopefully he'll give this game to another developer and publisher, so they can continue working on the game.
  7. Good questions, but. I think there are more important questions that need to be answered... Like, "whats the news with dedicated servers"? And "when can we expect the next patch to drop"? Majority of the forum don't care about the counsellors backstories nor do we care about who they're fucking. We're more interested in knowing when we can expect the two matters stated above. And judging by the lack of intrest @wes, @ShiftySamurai, and @GunMedia_Ben have shown towards our questions. We'll be waiting for those answers for a while.
  8. Well, he had been lying at the bottom of Crystal Lake for some amount of years. So Jason had to have been filled with shit loads of water. That's why he vomited at the end of p8 imo. I also think it has to do with the fact that, imo. I think Jason is afraid of dying. Yes, not drowning. But dying in general, that's why he was pleading to Pamela to not let him drown. Jason's not afraid of water nor is he afraid of drowning. But, he knew he was going to die in that sewer as soon as he heard the toxic waste flowing towards him. So, because he knew he was going to die. He had a nervous reaction and started vomiting. And thats another one of my theory's as to why Jason vomited at the end of p8.
  9. Don't you mean the "super duper pull out ya credit card and give us your money" collecters edition?
  10. @jahzaveamanaie I highly doubt you'll get any respone from wes or Dan. I already suggested that lowering the price would help attract more people towards this game . And surprise, surprise! I didn't get any response from Dan, wes, or Ben... I guess they think lowering the price would be bad business... And thats not how things work at the offices of Gun Media....
  11. I think they're just rare, it took me about 30,000 CP just to roll one. Welcome to the Forums btw.
  12. Simply not true... PlayStation and Xbox versions are still populated with tons of players, just because the game isn't doing well on PC. Doesn't mean the game is dead on PlayStation and Xbox as well... For example; other games like Hardline are virtually dead on PC and the last generation of consoles, but on PlayStation 4. They're over a 1,000 players playing each day... http://bfhstats.com/
  13. I don't care about them anymore... I just want client side saves, at least then i could still use all the Jasons and kills when the games servers are eventually shut down...
  14. No, i don't need to buy this. I already own the game and all its dlc, and i don't desire to have the poster and mask tbh.
  15. It ain't worth $70... $70 for all the dlcs and a poster? Why would anyone buy this? You could just buy the base game and all the dlc for cheaper... Good, the current listings are not worth that hefty price. Edit: Just saw the updated listing, and. I don't know tbh... I sttill think there could be more, how's about a map of the full camp side(That includes crystal lake,Higgins Haven,Packanack,Jarvis House, and Pinehurst) ? Or maybe some crystal lake pocket knives? Just a few ideas.
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