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  1. Can an admin please terminate accounts or shut this thread down. I shut off notifications and unfollowed everything but I'm still seeing this stupid bickering going on.
  2. I like this idea. Maybe she can crawl through windows too. Also, I'd think as a mom she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie too so put that under strengths.
  3. Depending on how long you guys plan to support the game, this would be great to work on. As for cost, yes that's upfront for the company and I can't fathom how much to implement it. You guys already gave so much for free that paying for this idea would be absolutely fair.
  4. This obviously isn't an existing game mechanic but being able to hide under or inside a car used for escaping would be fun. You can get an instant suprise kill on someone. Maybe only allow it once per car on the map to make it fair.
  5. With Reggie, please give him that same scream he does in the film when you come across something to trigger your fear in the game. "Those damn enchiladas!"
  6. Can somethng be added to pass along host status to another player in the lobby? Maybe I'm only one of a few here, but getting my time wasted in a match is very annoying. I get people don't want to sit through a whole match spectating or rage quit when murdered within the first minute or two. If the host is Jason, match ends and everyone gets some experience. If the host is a counselor, nothing. Now, the problem if that changed is people can start abusing it to get quick XP without finishing a match most likely. I'm not trying to be ignorant of the complexities of such an implementation as it's probably a big deal to accomplish. There's some nitpicks I have with the game but this one in particular causes me to stop playing due to aggravation.
  7. I'm sure this has already come up by someone else but I'd like to see Pamela as a killer. I know "teleporting" around would be dumb as her. Maybe as a choice for the single player challenges content. If you did add her to the multiplayer, it'd be cool if she can run like the counselors and can climb through windows unlike Jason. Hell, even hiding in a vehicle to ambush someone would be great. The other idea would be Jason from the F13 remake. To be faithful to the movie, that version would have no "teleport" so maybe a much faster run with stamina that depletes slower and replenishes faster. It would be awesome to set uniqe traps as this Jason too. There's a lot of impossible things here that would require reworking of game mechanics and such, I know. Just wanted to throw out some thoughts.
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