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  1. Heh, yeah, I think Jason would also have a ton of battle scars
  2. Im talking about if Tommy never came into contact with Jason, so he would still have his good eye. Firstly, part 6 would have never happened, Tina would have never revived Jason in part 7, he could have still gone on the boat in part 8. But Part 9 would have never happened, so would have FVJ happened? He never went to hell, so Freddy didn't have any control over him
  3. What if Tommy never killed Jason in part 4? What do you think he would look like?
  4. Holy, why does a lot of people have an abundance of animals, that is super expensive. I only have a dog and a cat.
  5. I would have to say @Cryna hes a pretty cool dude
  6. Tbh I think The Thing would be a good contestant, its a shape-shifting being that can transform into your friends, so you can't trust anyone.
  7. oh i just thought of one roses are red roses are red things would be better if you were pronouced dead good?
  8. hands one of these to someone gets punched on mugged thanks alot
  9. Best horror character ever? Lets have a civil argument about it.
  10. I like Jason too, I'm not picking Michael just because I like him, I picked him because of what I have seen.
  11. Nah, that would be bad, seriously image it, Michael Vs Jason Vs Ash, yeaahhhh no.
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