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  1. Plain and simple. It was fun, and I played it obsessively from release date until now, but the nail is finally in the coffin. Obviously we had the early issues from the opening weekend of excessive wait times to get into lobbies and people abusing the floating glitch and the Packanack roof glitch. Then we had those promises of new content after a month or two of nothing happening and all we got was the Pt 3 retro skin. The real killer was when team killing was taken away because video games have become so beta just like America. I missed the days when testosterone flowed smoothly through manly veins and men were men. And I won't even go on. It was fun while it lasted, but the death knell has rung and this game is toast. I might try to get The Sequel trophy still because of the inordinate amount of hours I've spent on this game since last May 26th, but I'm likely checking out and moving on.
  2. Ok nevermind, I just got it by door jamming them in 54 seconds. That was really odd though. I don't get why I didn't get it the first 6 or so times I did it within two minutes.
  3. It's such an easy challenge, I can just go in there and kill them in like 20 seconds, but for some reason it won't give it to me. Let me try to do it as quickly as possible and see what happens. If you need all 3 skulls, I'm thinking that maybe I have to kill Kenny first and then door jam AJ so that it cuts it close to the 2 minute mark. I think it's just glitched honestly, saw a Steam user on Reddit post the exact same thing.
  4. I killed AJ (Door Jam) and Kenny (Heart Burn) in 1:18 and didn't get the award. Got all three skulls. Is it glitched on PS4? Wth...
  5. Wow this update has been a massive fail then based on what everybody has said in here. After a year and three days, I might have to stop playing because I have way too many better games that I still haven't beaten on PS4 and Switch.
  6. I'm playing for the first time in a week and I see no difference with anything after this supposed mega update. Is this a scam or something?
  7. Are you guys really this awful at driving? Rubberbanding glitch or not I never get stopped. The only time I might get stopped is at the beach car spawn point at Packanack Small, which is the most idiotic vehicle placement in the entire game.
  8. The boat departure song (Not gonna check up the name) from Jaspn Takes Manhattan would be good, but it doesn't fit with any map.
  9. Yeah it is good for me... *steps to you while the hot blonde babes are busy oogling my muscles*
  10. No Part 7 and Part 9 are bad, but I still murk everybody with them even in lobbies full of fellow 150 players because I'm a beast and an alpha male.
  11. I've been playing nonstop since Day 1 and am probably extremely close to getting The Sequel trophy on PSN but, in spite of my expertise and skill, I am starting to play my Switch, Super Nintendo Classic, and God of War (PS4) way more because Friday's not making moves, especially when we need the salt mines or dedicated servers to weed out the wimpy beta male quitters, no beta uprisings here, kids.
  12. What happens then? ('09 F13th badass alpha reference Zenigundam is a savage) ??
  13. Dude who are you? Do you even lift
  14. Haha I'm plenty calm. Quit being such a beta.
  15. Jelly... so jelly...
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