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  1. Sad thing is, there really isn't a decent assymetrical horror game on the market anymore. Dead by daylight being just straight up boring and repetetive imho. Only one hope is that the Summer Camp game can deliver
  2. Who gives a shit, this clown parade will last until next week when they add superficial update and move on with their cash grabs to scam people on other half-baked projects It's called sarcasm and editing the entirity of the thread because I had two of one topics to vent and one was deleted so I had to change it, but others know what I said.
  3. Yeah sorry, my opinions are highly controvversial How scaaary, I won't be able to express my opinions about a corpse anymore
  4. Yeah thanks, any idea which dev handles this sort of stuff though? Cause a lot of folks have been reporting these players with little to no result.
  5. Please enlighten me of what other possibilities exist for having such high speeds. I'm all ears. You can bunch it up with harassment and offensive behaviour, helps if you speak russian too.
  6. I'm pretty sure systematic team killing is bannable, along with hateful insults, toxic behaviour and obnoxious music. A lot of people have been reporting this group of players, and yet no results. Also, if you pay attention you can clearly see the chad is running as fast as sonic in few instances. I'm not exactly sure what else is needed.
  7. I'm having trouble reporting cheaters with evidence, my post seems to have been deleted from here, and reddit too. Can somebody please give me a helping hand?
  8. A lot of people have encoutered these extremely toxic, team-killing, glitch-abusing cheaters, especially on european servers. I've made this account specifically just to bring them down because I cannot believe that their nefarious activity has not been brought to justice yet, considering the amount of reports the devs must have received by this point. This kind of behaviour not only casts a dark shadow over the game's community, but on Friday the 13th: The Game itself. As a kickstarter backer and a regular player, it pains me to see the game's community be filled with such vile and abhorrent individuals, and I sincerely hope they will be removed sooner rather than later.
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