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  1. Game is still not working. Guess I am whining because it’s only been 4 days since I posted this fact.
  2. Apologizing for developer incompetence; fairly straightforward and obvious. trump land is USA. You trotted out the thanksgiving argument after my initial post so it’s obvious you gotta own that for at least another 2 years. This game is broken on PS4 at the moment. It has been this way without any sort of official timeline or acknowledgment from any official source since this patch. That is a fact. Passively aggressively telling me to p!ss off and play something else while this game is broken is incredibly unhelpful. Get your admin masters to ban me then. Game is still broken and silencing me won’t change that. This has been going on for a week plus. Not acceptable.
  3. Guess what its still not working. Why is it it still not working. Its no longer a trump land holiday. In fact it’s almost a week later. Lets hear the justifications now If they cannot properly test for a bug this game breaking then yes, I would say that they are borderline incompetent. Also reading your other responses it’s clear you are nothing more than a dev apologist. The broken state that this patch left this game in on PS4 is unacceptable and the developers should be ashamed of themselves. FULL STOP at this point I would welcome a return to user hosts if it meant I could get a lobby in Qp. Utter incompetence.
  4. I honestly don’t understand why people are just ok with this. It’s like the dog in the house on fire saying ‘this is fine’ meme. This game needs every bit of good news it can get with the end of content. We just had a great month of awesome community building and great communication from the Dev team. But anyone who might be tempted to stay on with this game won’t even look at it twice if it won’t work for 3+ days on the busiest sales weekend of the year, where they will just play whatever they pick up on sale and forget about our game. Keep making excuses. This is a huge problem.
  5. Waiting 2 days between posts is posting about it ‘over and over’? are you working for a PR firm or something?
  6. Two days later. Not trump land turkey day anymore guess what still broken. 45 mins plus where the game was ‘searching for dedicated servers’ what are they dedicated to? Killing the player base?
  7. Asking for a product to work after I’ve paid money for it is throwing a tantrum?
  8. Still screams of incompetence. This game had such a great month in October. Shame they are going to bleed users over Black Friday because they can’t effectively test for bugs.
  9. Yes I do have other options at this time. They are red dead redemption 2 and Pokémon let’s go. And many other players are going to realize that and not come back. No one outside of the USA cares if it’s thanksgiving or not, they only care whether or not they can play a game the payed money for. Fix this. Now.
  10. ‘Offline elements’ lol like the virtual cabin where we can watch the trailer for Jason x that we are never getting? this is an avenue to communicate to the development team. When they release a patch that renders the game unplayable, they should hear about it. Loudly and frequently.
  11. When an online only game that won’t release new content breaks the online portion, there is no ‘give them time’ there is ‘fix this nonsense now’
  12. no. I played many matches easily before the patch ‘My network’ worked fine before the patch. This was broken as a result of this buggy patch.
  13. Sat trying to get into a lobby for an hour tonight. Nothing but ‘searching for dedicated servers’. This game needs to curry favor with fans, not piss them off. Get this fixed ASAP. Smh
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