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  1. Staying awake through the night is the superior way of living
  2. Hope you do to amigo ?? Yeah i sleep till like 4 and wake up at 8 so you know im gonna he grinding?
  3. I dont need so much sleep so im fine and in eastern u.s time its 3:44 i think its gonna release more later a 6 something im closer to pa frontera so its 12 47 pm in tijuana at the moment
  4. Ah sorry europeans that is the pain we must endure to play games set up in america im not in mexico at the moment but its like four hours ahead since its a north american country
  5. Chad is the most liked male counselor even though he gets the most shit hahahhahah get recked devs and people that bully him > : 3
  6. So how is everything boys? did you know in the 90s there was a rumor that maryln manson had some of his ribs removed so he could suck his own dick
  7. Yall exited for rdr pre sequel i know i am its been like a year and a half since i pre ordered that shit
  8. Every time I join a lobby after waiting for half an hour, always without failure it's only me and Kenny in the lobby and he starts reading a gay fanfic to me like pls i just want cp points ;-;
  9. The perks are perfect at the moment some are of course more useless than other like any game, their might be some problems when we get the legendary perks though
  10. They never said they would release it in April they said that's what they were aiming for but it was never confirmed
  11. First none of these ideas are good,Second pubg is better and only poor people that cant afford the 30 dollars for pubg think fortnite is good
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