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  1. Lock the shack and add a tunnel from a random cabin maybe a network accessed via the closets. You can unlock the shack when you get there. I've seen the space underneath the Friday Maps and it changed me..
  2. Jason picking up that last counselor and not killing. The rewards for staying in the lobby after death or escape pale in comparison to the pain of spectating diarrhea vs diarrhea.
  3. That esports shirt only enhances your skills. Everything matters. If you fail a skill check go home Min you outplayed yourself. Come back next year.
  4. IN DBD Feng Min backstory is a esports professional who becomes so overwhelmed with the gaming her skills diminish and she gets sucked into a life of boredom and misery.
  5. Too many important noise prompts to pay attention too. All I hear in Friday qp voice chat is some poor sob with bad feedback trying to tell other Ppl how to play.
  6. In dead by daylight survivors teabag each other as a way of saying thank you.
  7. Oh they know. And if they stick around for a round where I'm Jason they're the ones where you see they left the match two minutes in. Troll revenge can be a slippery slope but there's always a new lobby to wipe the slate clean.
  8. I bet your parents loved those sound fx holy crap it fires into your inner ear lol
  9. If a counselor trolls me in any way shape or form my favorite revenge is a door closed in their face and Jason's hand around their neck.
  10. The most similar thing I've seen to it is when the Wii came out and you had bowling and just dance. As a father I know the kids want the newest thing no matter how stupid it seems they want to experience the unknown of the newest thing. Innovations like the nes and Wii just captivated for such a long time that the bonding lasted longer. I know there are still some instances where bonding exists but the simplicity of what I experienced is something that is incomparable. I keep it in my thoughts as I look out for the next big thing.
  11. You hit the nail on the head. And I haven't been here for the games whole lifespan for the full experience. There has been nothing said about interaction locks, Jason much needed invincibility frames, and no way to combat groups other than to tuck tail and run. For me the game died before they announced no new content. Now I just play for the nostalgia.
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