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  1. Sorry I'm slow at responding, busy lifestyle. I guess I should rephrase what I said about "Assholes". I don't consider someone an asshole because they disagree, or share a different opinion. I would be fine with someone simply saying, "I don't like this game, it's not fun for me." I DO however consider the people that have been verbally abusive and have verbally attacked the devs over the technical issues to be Assholes! Expressing an opinion without verbal abuse is one thing. They have been called thieves and liars and in my opinion NO one deserves the thrashing these guys have taken through social media. It's an unfinished product that needs, and WILL get some polish. So, I apologize for being unclear with my words, after reading my post I saw where I strayed from my intended point. That being said, again I am so proud of the majority of this community for sticking behind our devs and giving them support while they work to fix this game. I hope to see many of you on the XBOX ONE version of Crystal Lake for months/years to come! I LOVE THIS GAME! See you all very soon! SICK
  2. Where do I start? Rocky start with servers, whiners wanting refunds, people crying about lost XP, OR............. How bout the 50+ friends I've made in the last 5 days playing this game, how about the fun I've had every match even if it kicked us, how about the fact that all those players rejoined my lobby and we tried again, laughing at the stuff we saw when it did work. This game is something different, in fact, it's an anomaly! I haven't this much fun with a group of friends since the old days of Far Cry Instincts! That was 2006! The people I play with are interested in having a fun time and being with people that play a game for the fun factor and like to socialize. We all have a common bond, not only the Friday the 13th series, but this type of gaming in general. No one I've talked to, and again it's been well over 50 players in a few days, have EVER complained. That all being said, I have read the terrible reviews that have been written and posted, and for every single one of those A-Holes there are 800 people commenting back in support of our Devs and standing by! That is why I love this community! This is so far removed from the COD and Battlefield crowd, this is a real group! If you want to make some good friends and find some cool people to play a cool game with, look no further! I'm so glad that everyone has stood behind this group despite the shortcomings that will be fixed soon. And I'm so happy that I'm a Kickstarter backer that was a small part to make this project come to life! This game is a "life long" dream come true of mine! As I'm sure some of you older fans will agree, even though we grew up on Atari, there was a part of us that wished for something like this as kids! Now as adults, we have our dream game! And we only have a small group of cool guys to thank! So thank you Gun, and thank you ILL! And thank you for keeping us all in the loop all this time. You have done what 75K, and the ones to come, have us dreamed of, and you are still making it better! We all love you for it! You truly have delivered a dream! And I for one and proud of this wonderful community! There's no where I would rather play than Crystal Lake! I love you all! Thank you for the fun I've had this past weekend, and I can't wait for what's coming the next .........Years!!!!!!! With Love and Thanks.......... SICKSIX6
  3. Let's be straight up, this post is for my reasons only, and the rest of you can rant or cuss at me, it's all good. That being said, let's get to the point........... Here we go......... I work full time hours Monday-Friday, limited vacation time. Wife, 2 small kids, 3 year old and 1 and a half. I'm busy almost ALL the time. I've been trying to save some vacation days for the launch of this FANTASTIC game that has been a life long dream game of mine. BUT, here's where the cool part comes in..... I'm having surgery soon, not excited for that at all, and will be off work for 6-8 weeks. Know what that means???? RECOVERY!!!! So, long story short, I'm hoping the game launches around my surgery/recovery time so I can enjoy it for weeks on end without missing out because of work, and I won't have to burn up vacation time! What a WIN/WIN/still sucks cuz of surgery pain/ situation! Let's make this happen boys! I could use the pick me up! And it would give me something to look forward to while I'm down! See you in MAY????? SICK
  4. Really man? I was just giving it a title. Most games in the last decade have given the title of Hardcore as a way of saying, No map, No radar. I wasn't suggesting calling it that, it was just a means of starting a topic. Thanks for your sarcasm though, it was much appreciated, enjoyed, and laughed at. Still friends? SICK
  5. 1st off, I apologize for not seeing the previous post on here about this topic. I don't have time to troll the site all day as I do work 40 hours a week and have 2 small children and household activities and chores to keep me busy. I try to pop in here when I have time to track what's going on, but unfortunately limit my time to the most recent topics. I'm a full time worker, husband and Dad so please bear with me. I try very hard not to step on toes or repeat topics. That being said, as far as it being a mode, I think someone earlier made a better statement that maybe it should just be an option in private matches. Just the option to toggle objectives on or off. I think this would work better so that private parties can play the game however they want. Having a map to look at is fine, but having the "random generated" spawn of the objective on the map seems to defeat the purpose of having them be randomly generated IMO. And this is an easy way to solve the issue without ruining the experience for everyone in public/ranked matches. I don't know if the devs see many of these posts or these suggestions get back to them, but I hope this has been at least brought up since someone else has made the same post. This is something that IMO could really be a game changer for a lot of gamers that like a challenge and don't want to know what's lurking around every corner. It's like watching a movie for the first time with somebody who's seen it and keeps telling you what's gonna happen next. Point made? Good! LOL See you all in Crystal Lake very soon! SICK
  6. I would be perfectly fine with an option to turn map and radar off in private matches. It could be a hosting option. I know the friends I play online with would want it off as well, we've always played our private matches that way on every other game we've played. I just feel that if all the objectives are shown on the map for both Jason and the counselors, it's just a little too much handholding where there should be some element of surprise. Make Jason and the counselors explore for everything. If the spawn locations for objectives are random gen, they should be something you have to look for yourself each round, not see them 1st thing when the match launches. Of course, this is my opinion, some may not agree. SICK
  7. What about adding a mode with NO mini map or radar for counselors and minimizing what Jason sees on his minimap. Obviously Jason needs a map to fast travel and such, but how about removing car locations, phone locations from Jason's map. Let the counselors run amuck with no map, make them search in the dark woods for weapons, phone, vehicles etc. Would sure add to the fear factor! If I was hosting a private match, I would want the option to disable the map anyway and make everyone play straight up as if they were running blindly through the woods from cabin to cabin frantically searching for something to help them survive. This would greatly turn up the level of fear in each player. Let me know what you think, and if this is something we may see in the final release. Thanks guys, see you in Crystal Lake! SICK
  8. I'm in agreement that the minimap should be optional. In a game that requires hiding and stealth, a minimap is just like giving the killer GPS to all the victims, and vice versa. People can spend the whole game staring at the corner of their screen either running towards or away from red dots and not even exploring or enjoying the element of surprise. Please consider making this optional. SICK
  9. Well, when I donated to the Kickstarter campaign I had the option to choose which platform I wanted for the game AND the beta, so I assumed consoles would get a beta as well. My mistake.
  10. I'm sure it's already been asked, and feel free to redirect this post to the proper place. Just wondering if there's an ETA on the beta for Xbox One. I donated last October to the Kickstarter campaign and qualified for the Beta. Of course I'm anxious to try it out, as is everyone here. I know it was originally slated as late Aug or early Sept, and with no news I thought I'd just see if someone here can give me a heads up. Also, when the Beta does become available, will I receive an email or will I get a notification through Xbox Live that there's a key code? Any help is much appreciated! SICK
  11. With Jason's ability to fast travel, will he be able to appear "down the road" from where the counselor that is escaping started from and have the chance to kill him/her and destroy the car?
  12. Xbox One: SICKSIX6 Feel free to send Friend Requests ahead of launch, but include a message saying it's for this game. Can't wait to see and kill you all! SICK
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