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  1. That is what bothers me. Also, he does not even need Stalk. Shift from a long enough distance and there won't be any warning queue he is shifting.
  2. I can juke shift if I see it coming or iif I get the static warning, but Jason can easily shfit out of range of the Static and his Music so you get no warning or even know Jason is nearby, that is what gets me.
  3. That is the problem I have. Jason should not be so dependant on shift grabs, it feels boring to use and boring to play against. I am all for buffing the rest of his kit. What if Shift was change to have a very short cooldown (like 1/3 of what it is now), but simply not allowing him to shift ON a councillor (like a 3-5 meter from them)? It would allow him to basically stick on them forever and force them to hide in a cabin or fight back?
  4. I have been playing this game since the holidays and I have never been fan of the Shift ability, most specifically how vital it is to Jason and how annoying it is as a councillor. As a councillor, Jason is able to shift from well outside the range where he emits the static effect, so he can just grab you out of shift without you ever getting any warning or way to avoid the kill other than being constantly sprinting in zig zag all game long. As for Jason, what Jasons are the best? Usually Part 6 and Savini will come up top in most people's list with Part 9 still very good despite his low traps. This is maiinly due to how strong their Shift is. While Jasons with weak shifts, such as part 7, part 2 and, to a lesser extend, part 4, all struggle to catch up to councillor and will usually struggle much more. I do admit, I am very salty, as I have just gotten shift grabbed quite a few games in a row, so this could be just be whining from recent failures, but I feel like Shiift should be reworked and the rest of Jason's kit buffed to compensate. I WANT a strong scary Jason, but shift just does not gives me the thrill of being chased by a crazed killed, instead, I die from a Shift started outside Static range and never really got to see him before hearing my character's head being punched off. What are your opinions on Jason's Shift ability? Fair and balance, or needs tweaking? If anyone has any tip on dealing with shifting Jasons, I would be happy to hear it.
  5. I was the Jason in that game. I defiinitely heard the audio queue for my trap being triggered, so I iimmediately teleported to the fusebox which was trapped. He told me he had disarmed the trap which got me really confused, how did I hear the trap? the only other traps II set up were at the car and I was by the car when I heard it, so I could see nobody was there.
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