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  1. Since paranoia mode is being delayed (partially because they said it wasn't fun/unique/challenging) a Jason Goes To Hell mode could help solve all of these problems and the devs could have way more fun with this concept.
  2. I thought the same thing but I feel like him just having the weapon at spawn would be too easy, like if Jarvis could just kill Jason from the start. Maybe Duke has to find another female counselor to give the dagger to, since in the movie Duke does the exact same thing
  3. That'd help the game be truer to the movies since jason uses basically anything around him to kill the kids and not just one weapon like in the game
  4. Not sure what the counselors would do to get the dagger since in the movie Creighton Duke just kinda gives it to them. Reply with any ideas
  5. As a spin off of what I believe the Paranoia game mode will be (8 counselors PvE style where one is the designated killer), a "Jason Goes to Hell' angle would be a fun and challenging new way to play the game. One of the counselors is "possessed" by Jason, who's goal is to (A. Kill all counselors) and/or (B. possess an unknown designated female character, in doing so becoming full fledged Jason.) Sort of like a hybrid between paranoia mode and the main game. The counsellors must weed out the possessed counsellor before they become Jason. If a counsellor is killed, Jason can switch into and possess their body. Once the possessed counselor becomes jason they cannot be killed as easily as when they were a counsellor possibly only through a long Easter Egg to acquire the dagger that kills Jason at the end of 'Jason Goes to Hell' in which jason is pulled into the ground by demons. Tons of possibilities for this mode, and as a tweak of the Paranoia mode it shouldn't be too hard to flesh out.
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