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  1. It's downloading now! I can't wait to... kill teenagers... oh
  2. Im pretty sure i read somewhere that ,if you send in a clip, it's a bannable offense
  3. I wish, we're secretly all aliens on a little island.
  4. How the hell are you so prepared with gifs
  5. It's fine, I was only wondering bc timezones so I didn't know whether it would come out today or tomorrow here
  6. Does anyone know what time the update's coming out in the UK? EDIT: It's out!
  7. Call in Creighton Tommy Jarvis style or find the dagger in a building similar to Jason's shack (except Jason doesn't spawn in it).
  8. Considering part 7 only recently got kills, I dont see it stopping anytime soon
  9. Its either: 1: The Friday servers They do this all the time, just close the game and re-start and it should work fine Or: 2: PSN Let me tell you now, PlayStation need to get their shit together. 4 breakdowns of almost all of PSN (atleast the parts people care about) this (and last) week. (If you cant tell it's prob PSN, the only thing to do is to wait, sadly)
  10. Don't you remember the part in part 6 where Tommy Jarvis grabbed by Jason and then gets fucking launched into orbit?
  11. Personally, I like X but i can see why quite a few people were taken aback by Jason being launched into space, already undead, to be reanimated again then killed then reanimated by space tech and then blasted back into orbit. Although, all of Friday is a bit ridiculous I guess
  12. If you're going to escape from a masked maniac wearing a hockey mask, you might as well be able to do it in a bright pink convertible
  13. Holy shit, no way! I saw this post a few hours after posting this but had no idea you would respond. You both have v good ideas (I especially like the idea of sabotage).
  14. I stg if Sheldon fucking Finkelstein is the last step to killing a psychopath I'll piss myself (That is actually a cool idea tbh)
  15. Imagine being scared shitless and then having a middle-aged woman wearing a sweater lob herself through a window full speed. I'd fucking love this gamemode.
  16. If I had a chance to get a new Jason AND pay these amazing devs even more money i'd jump at the opportunity
  17. I'd be really interested to see what Kane could come up with too #HodderJason
  18. The only emotes I've ever used are for dance parties in cabins and making people follow me
  19. I don't think it'll solve every single problem but it's a start and I'm looking forward to playing Roy
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