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  1. Ps4 only, no PC no shit box
  2. Patience my ass. Game been out since May and still the simplest of issues still not fixed. Not a hater just upset they ruined a beautiful game with a epic name attached that I grew up loving. Or maybe read the original post and see that there nothing left in the game for me to do but be Jason. Think I bluffing. Psn id- Kryzpy Avatar- Gamers don't die. Screw you. I've done wrecked the game but again I'm a fan and wanna see that platinum pop. So you like playing a broken game with a bunch a trolls. Good for you enjoy, but not me. I'll be expanding my gaming profile enjoying games I love. I've earned it. 36 w/2kids and a mortgage while working from home. Again pull my psn and see. Your not worthy of holding my sticks.
  3. Back to check and report, YEAH STILL TRASH GAME!!!! Put out the patch for tickets to be Jason so I can delete this ridiculous unfinished constantly glitchy hunk of falsely named trash. Named or based off any other character and I wouldn't have cared. I've said it once at release and I'll say it again. Should have waited til Oct 13th instead of May to release the game. Way to screw up something special. Oh and your behind on releasing content due to all those issues, not surprised. Can't wait to delete this game from my system.
  4. So I prolonged ever coming to these forums cause lets face it, it was for the best!!! Let me start by saying I'm a hardcore fan born early 80's and a absolute fan of the entire F13 franchise. Now down to business. FIX YOUR GAME!!!!!! Man that felt good. I am 100% aware of how the game was when released and everything up to this point in time. 2 HUGE issues that needed fixed from the word go is the host migration & the spawn preference......everything else I can live with. I can even live with the pathetic trolls in game that try be tough and tea bag a Jason that isn't hunting cause lets face it, HOST MIGRATION NEEDS BE FIXED!!!!!!! In short if you would have delayed the game til Oct 13th instead of releasing in May you would of had the proper time to fix said issue and not of had so many issues in game. Just to show I'm up to date your Roy Jason is the worse crap ever.....it not even out yet and I'm pissed! You hype that it going get more intense but you giving us a Jason who's weaknesses are ( Defense, Grab strength and stun resistance)?!?!?! OOOOOOOOOO, but he can run and we giving 2 extra knives. WHAT A JOKE!!! Now spawn issues. Tired of going into a game and playing as a counselor 50 times before ever getting to be Jason when I only need 2 trophies in the entire game, 500 as Jason and 1000 as Jason.....Oh and I'm 100% done all available badges and have collected all 20 Pam tapes & even 4 Tommy tapes. So let me wrap this up by saying if this wasn't a F13 based game I would have gone Office Space on it back in May. Fix your broken ass game please, you have a great product with a epic name attached and your blowing it!!!!
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