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  1. The glitch where Jason can not slash or press "E" only grab is the same bug where Tommy Jarvis gets locked up and can not aim with a rifle.
  2. Some of those suggestions sound more like buffs to Jason than they do any actual fixes to legitimate glitches or exploits.
  3. What is the premise of her not having them? She can use a pocketknife on a trap in front of something to repair while she drops the appropriate part. That is usefulness to the team right there.
  4. I never suggested this "see where everything is on a map and your suggesting she have that ability and give it to others." I suggested that she could see where Jason's traps are and disable them without having a pocket knife, also the fuse and the items to repair vehicles. Feel free to suggest ideas. Nothing has been written into the game yet, so I see no harm in suggesting what her character can do in the game world.
  5. Any of those suggestions are appropriate taking her cannon. She has supernatural skills and can defeat, survive Jason supernaturally and is on par with him on many ways. It makes sense to have her be OP in that sense.
  6. Except that a difficulty setting should not be about spoonfeeding a victory, it should about giving the players a more challenging way to play their side versus their own history of playing; so, I do not really know where you are getting that a difficulty setting is spoonfeeding anyone. At least this is the way I see it.
  7. Yes, go ahead and post any of your ideas. I think these are some good suggestions.
  8. No one said that there was not an audience, I only said that too much focus on what Jason does is undesirable for the broader picture and not good for the promotion of a multiplayer video game. It might be good for a very specific audience, but not on the broader scale. I have stated before and I will state again that Jason is in the superior position and the councilors are in the inferior position in which case jason is about winning and the councilors are about losing; however, the actual balance is not how many councilors Jason is suppose to kill, it is whether or not the councilors can survive and whether or not Jason can kill. Also, statistics are prone to error. If you state some made up statistic that Jason succeeds 51% of the the time in killing all councilors and all the councilors survive 49% of the time, you could technically be correct in the aspect that Jason only has to have a slight advantage to be in the superior position most likely to win and the councilors in the inferior position most likely to lose; but, if the councilors can prevent Jason from winning that is as good as them winning. So, the bare minimum statistic is Jason winning 51% of the time and the councilors losing 49% of the time is the best you can get balance-wise. Anything higher for Jason could be unbalanced gameplay and anything lower for the councilors could be unbalanced gameplay. I do not know what the real statistics are, but I would say it is more like Jason being 65% of the time and 35% of the time for councilors. I am just guessing.
  9. Except that I am not suggesting that the way Jason dies by Tommy Jarvis be changed and I am not suggesting that the councilors be buffed. I am suggesting a support character be added to the game whose presence helps Tommy Jarvis do his thing (to kill Jason the way he already has) and at the same time helps the councilors defend themselves against Jason (which could be a temporary buff to their stats for that game session only and only when she is in the game world). Again, I am only suggesting the addition of a character. What that character does in that game is temporary which is what a support character does, shows up and then things get a bit better for a team. I do find these quoted suggestions funny, though ...
  10. My ideas have not been discussed multiple times and are unique to me. Next time read something in its entirety before jumping to conclusions about the content.
  11. You should underline "too much" there in my quote and also add "and at the expense of attracting people who would stay long-term" after "neglected" and instead of the "." ... I mean, attracting and keeping a bunch of filthy casuals in the thousands is better for the bottom line than only to appeal to a few people to do some linear thing with no substance (to put it more bluntly), other than nostalgia. Friday the 13th itself is mostly nostalgia and other than the more recently produced films, casuals typically won't be privy enough for that to be a force on its own or even care that it is Jason killing camp councilors. They want some place to waste time with their friends and do goofy stuff.
  12. I outlined in another thread how it would be possible and it would not change that much, only add a new support character.
  13. This is not a councilor buff suggestion, it is a support character suggestion which comes in under a reasonable condition. If Jason players can not handle a suggestion which up their difficulty to play according to a harder skill level, then that is their hypocrisy showing in which case I would prefer not to hear a word out anyone saying councilors should get more skilled due to their difficulty increase and not Jasons.
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