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  1. nevermind there is no prompt, just have to smash her head with the door
  2. on part 5 ‘pakanack party’ does anyone know how to properly kill deborah kim when she is getting ready to go out. i’m not seeing any prompts for a cutscene kill.
  3. true, but if it were on the game it would indeed become a ‘skin’. this is a game thread mate.
  4. just a quick thought. i know that everyone wants #JasonX, but am i the only one that wants a part 1 skin? if not let’s get this some traction!
  5. most of the people complaining about Jason’s stun chance are people that flat out aren’t very good at playing as Jason. That’s just the harsh reality. I have no problem whatsoever. In my lobby people do fear when I’m jason or call me names because they weren’t able to get away.
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