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  1. Maybe if f13 would stop saying coming soon 7 months before intending to release content ppl wouldn't be so pissed!
  2. At least I never actually thought the toxic waste REALLY turned Jason back into a kid lmmfao
  3. Like I said I'm done arguing with someone who ignores logic, this post is abouty idea for x tapes let's stay on topic, mkay great knower of all things? Lmao
  4. Tina tried to revive and pull her dad to the surface but freed Jason bringing him up by accident I just rewatched entire series days ago. And Jason in stasis then that much electricity could've given him energy boost to break rusted chains. But Tina most definitely freed Jason and brought him up while trying to do so to her dead dad. And the hallucination stuff makes alot of sense as well as the metaphor of losing her fear and seeing her terror hallucination as a scared child, you just got be a little deep and think more than just seeing a movie for cheap thrills, I applaud part 8 for this psychological side plot, it attempted depth to a series of shallowness, I guess some people just can't get certain things. Oh well I'm done, this is a pointless argument, I've conceided to you a couple times on valid points but you are a person who even when given a proper explanation won't say hey yea good point, you are going to stick to your guns even if definitive proof was put before you, as Pontius Pillate said "I wash my hands of this..."
  5. He went on killing sprees after something freed him from bottom of lake, a girl drowning wouldn't free him he just reached up and grabbed her foot, buty main point to all of this was he didn't really turn into a kid at the end and kid Jason wasn't really trying to drown hwr. She suffered from hallucinations brought on by trauma of her uncle's story and almost being pulled under by real Jason tho she hallucinated it being kid Jason plus lakes are pretty murky you can't see good under them, and in the panic of drowning and not being able to see what had her foot her brain automatically went to story evil uncle just told to make sense of her situation and that hallucination stuck with her as terror until defeating Jason and not fearing him anymore the terror lifted and she saw/hallucinated Jason for what he really was a scared mentally challenged child.
  6. I get all that I don't think it revived him it just disturbed him like while being stuck down there he goes into a kinda stasis not awake nor asleep kind of trance like and disturbances anap him back like the electricity or the little girl kicking and trying to swim above him
  7. 1: Jason was born in 1940 something so there is no way he was a kid when that girl was a kid. 2: the ending of part 7 saw Jason pulled down and rechained to bottom of the lake by Tina's deceased father who she revived with her telekinesis. 3: Jason was pulled free by a yacht in part 8 via it's anchor he then boarded the Lazarus. Jason was put at bottom of lake in part 6 and again part 7 he didn't choose to stay there he was chained up at bottom until the anchor freed him in part 8. He reached up and grabbed the small girls leg after her uncle threw her out, in her terror she attributed it to the story her uncle told about lil Jason still being in lake after drowning thirty years prior, the trauma of that day caused her to continue hallucinating young Jason the rest of her life, then after defeating real Jason she hallucinated Jason as nothing but a scared little boy. Hell I figured that out before ever hearing it explained by the director, you just took stuff at face value instead of looking at the deeper imagery involved, if she kept seeing kid Jason throughout the movie each time obvious a hallucination i.e while aboard the lazarus she hallucinates kid jason, then why would you think kid Jason at end was real? Pretty sure the ppl who made the movie know more than any of us do what things in the movie meant. JS Btw he wasn't resting lmao his eye is open at bottom of lake at end of part 6 he is immortal but trapped at bottom of lake. Your whole argument centers around he would come out of lake if awake, no he wouldn't cuz he was trapped, ppl couldn't kill him so they had to trap him, lol Jason wasn't resting it up waiting to finish hibernation to kill again. Geez. Really? Resting that's what you took from him being chained to bottom of lake?
  8. Part 9 Jason does have darkened skin and jgth takes place years after part 8 and Jason has regenerative abilities as explained in Jason x. Anyways I'm goin by what director of jgth said about Jason's look in jgth being result of toxic waste in part 8.
  9. The f13 movies aren't linear with years released look at tommy going from 12 to 17 in 2 years. And Jason was chained at bottom of lake director says Jason was reaching up grabbing her. Or you could even interpret it the way I did before hearing directors explanation, maybe she just couldn't swim and her fear of drowning manifested as the story her uncle just told. Either way Jason didnt turn into a small child at end for real lol she saw hallucinations of kid jason multiple times in the movie
  10. Again y would he? He snapped immediately after his son was killed and instantly began his killing spree then died at end of movie, so how would he of had time to meet with a psychiatrist multiple times, and if it was before his son died then the tapes would not he relevant to the game... I dunno but way to go throwing ideas out there, keep trying you'll come up with something!! ???
  11. Why would Roy be talking to nobody, I don't have a psychiatrist so how could he talk to mine? Also why would he talk to a psychiatrist before snapping? He couldn't afterwards cuz he died lol
  12. Right!? I guess only ppl who agree with him are "on topic" I don't wanna make him mad tho he may end up "using" my computer! Wow, why the attack? And kiddo if " hack" was just a way of saying "using" then alot of computer hackers erm I mean computer "users" are sitting in jail for nothing!
  13. Like I said awesome ideas but with all those capabilities there would have to be balance added like if you fail a skill check too often or even once or twice it locks the computer up and you must reboot which takes a couple minutes and Jason can hear the beeping anywhere on the map kinda like missed skill checks in general.
  14. Yes it would make the hacking more plausible and I could even look past the camps being able to afford a sophisticated computer ran surveillance system but the biggest hurdle is the viability of incorporating it into the game, because after a few weeks all the Jason mains will know where it spawns it would get to the point where attempting to take the time to access the computer to do those things would be almost certain death, kinda like if u call the cops you gotta disengage a trap and if that don't bring Jason to you then as soon as u call he is going to show up killing you. It would probably be Jason kills power sees it come back on head's str8 for computer house
  15. If I had a time machine I'd go back in time and assassinate the creator of annoying voices and jingles in annoying radio commercials then I'd assassinate the creator if memes!!! Especially the ones that have a celebrity or historical figure with a quote that most times isn't even something the person in picture ever really said!!
  16. That's a great suggestion but the people who need to read your suggestionight not see it simply as a reply to my post, you need to make your own post on the suggestion/feedback thread so the right ppl can read your idea, I think it's fantastic!!!
  17. I said there were ppl who could hack in the 80s but Chad? A.J? Fox? Tommy? Lol none of the characters would even know how to begin and tho your idea on other thread is cool in theory the point remains the core game mechanics won't change, and it's already hectic trying to find items and fix cars and boat and call cops etc while avoiding Jason. If there was a computer at all added to each map, even if it spawned in different cabins each time the ppl playing Jason would catch on quickly to it's possible locations and knock power out constantly and keep ppl on the run. But above all else the devs proved with Roy they aren't willing to change any core game mechanics. I mean they say the reason Roy is just like other Jasons is cuz he is so crazy he actually believes he is Jason. But that doesn't explain how he starts match in Jason's shack or how he hears Pamela's voice or how her sweater stuns him or how he can take shotgun blasts and multiple knives to the neck or y the hell he'd let fireworks slow him up or y a trap wouldn't render his leg useless let alone being able to shift and morph. He didn't get any changes from any other Jason not because he is so crazy he thinks he is Jason but because the devs aren't going to put the time or money into changing core mechanics when it's cheaper and easier to add new content that everything can be copied and pasted to accommodate it. Honestly I believe the leaked grendel map gameplay that shows tommy, shotgun and car on the Grendel is real and those things aren't placeholders, I can almost guarantee the Grendel map will have a holodeck housing a virtual camp Crystal lake where you can call a virtual tommy or go to a virtual Jason shack to get the sweater or call the cops in the virtual camp and use a virtual car or boat to escape virtual camp and win. I'd love there to be escape pods instead and space cops you call who show up and dock Grendel so you can board with them and I'd like there to be a different hero to show up instead of tommy but the developers record thus far gives no reason to believe they will give us these things and going by their record we are most likely going to end up with exact same game mechanics from every other map except it's a virtual camp on a spaceship. Btw I was alive in the 80s and no the very early 80s was not a time where thousands of ppl we're going around hacking, there were very few ppl who understood how to properly work computers let alone hack and the ones who did were either working in government or technological fields, or were college students or were in jail for hacking, all the other everyday ppl that could hack definitely weren't spending their summers outdoors working at a summer camp. Come on, I can see Mr. Christy affording some cameras that went to television monitors but it's a stretch to think he'd have a top of the line surveillance system ran by computer which would've been top of the line in the 80s if it was set up via a computer system instead of basic analog cables going to tv monitors, which is what most places used in that time period cuz very very few typed of computers were capable of running surveillance systems in the very early 80s and the ones that did wouldn't be the kind youd find in a home. And higgins Haven in part 3 wasn't even a camp, it was made a camp for the game, it was her family's property, and in part 2 camp packanack wasnt very sophisticated. I agree that being able to move camera while spectating via camp cameras would be cool but hacking a computer during a match to access stuff from your list on other thread A) would be very out of place for time and setting B)all the stuff I said above about hacking and surveillance systems of the time C) even if implimented into the game would be very time consuming and easily twarted by player controlling jason and D) most importantly, the devs are never going to change core game mechanics, most likely not even for the Grendel, which will piss a lot of people off when they realize there are no escape pods and stuff. I hope I haven't offended, I see this as a healthy debate amongst fans. We have common ground we both love this franchise and I think your ideas are cool I just have my reasons for y i believe it wouldn't fit in the game and stuff.
  18. But how would it be believable in the 80s that a camp a very bare bones camp that was in need of work in the movies would have that kinda system in place in the early 80s, it just wouldn't have been in place. The fact that after you die you see cameras at all is already pushing it, the hacking thing just seems silly for the time period, maybe just add the ability to rotate cameras when watching after death and leave it at that. There really isn't a place in the game mechanics to add a way to watch cameras while your alive and completing objectives.
  19. Um most of what I'm talking about happened in 2010 and the years leading up to 2010, the movie begins in 2010 Jason has been captured with multiple failed executions, they plan to freeze him but military wants to study his regenerative abilities, he escapes kills everyone but Rowan who successfully freezes him. Then the movie skips ahead to the dark future. Plus we find Tommy tapes at Crystal lake map which states 1980 at the beginning of each match but the stuff being discussed on the Tommy tapes happened after part 1, 2 and 3 which is Crystal lake, Higgins Haven and packanack so no different than my suggestion. The tapes are really just bonuses for the player to listen to, whether they are found on a map that takes place in a year we'll before stuff on tapes happened is irrelevant since the tapes ate just a means to give the player something extra to find and listen to with missing info from the films.
  20. Lol cameras been around a lot longer than the 80s I'm talking about a small camp in the 80s having a sophisticated computer system controlling their cameras that someone who is a counselor could "hack" into as you stated in your post. In the 80s personal home computers were a rarity there was a small minority who owned them and an even smaller amount of everyday ppl who could "hack" and most of those ppl most likely wouldn't be working at a camp and the rest would've had government type jobs. Hell name 5 ppl you know personally that for a fact could hack a surveillance system today? I know a lot of extremely intelligent ppl but none of them could, let alone a camp counselor in the 80s. Your idea wasn't bad it just isn't viable for the skill set of the characters in the game against the technology of the 80s, not even lachappa would be believable "hacking" an 80s surveillance system. Not to mention do you know how much a surveillance system ran by computers would've cost a place the size of the camps in the game in the 80s? There would just be no way there would be a computer ran surveillance system at the camps and even if there was then the characters in the game wouldn't know how to access it and control it let alone "hack" it. Not being a dick, js.
  21. Lol all current maps take place in the 80s will we need to know dos and have our own large floppy disks to access cameras? Maybe on Grendel this could he a thing.
  22. I'm sure it's been said but devs said they wouldn't add kid jason cuz uowessed up it'd be to kill a kid, same rule probably applies to young tommy and Reggie, tho I'm they are preteens so not technically kids. Jason has shown in part 6 he don't kill small children(he could've slaughtered an entire cabin of kids twice)but he does kill teenagers and I'm 13 is a teenager and Reggie was at least that old, young tmy was at least 12 or 13 but the devs probably won't add them cuz they look so young.
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