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  1. Is the stamina exploit why I chased a Chad around map ten minutes and couldn't ever catch up as Roy? It was ridiculous
  2. This is what happens when devs rush out updates too quickly!!! (/s) Btw there are still people playing as Uber and now he has a hit box most rounds just like any Jason, one Uber even had surgical machete and did the cutting off leg and headbutt kill!
  3. Thanks be unto Elias the father that they did not add a start with pocket knife perk!!!
  4. If it is I did not do it by Illfonic did tweet it was going live
  5. Afraid they'll take your birthday away? They pee, poop and mb just like everyone else. Doesn't make them better than you. Don't let them make u feel inferior dude
  6. Wow you must be an expert u just quoted the most well known story in video game history..go play dbd. .I just can't with you...just no. Smh
  7. I'm not a victim I don't care bout forum posts etc but as a decent human I find it disgusting that people are ok with entertaining themselves by insulting and belittling others from the safety of their keyboards. And you can't know what you say doesn't have an effect on somebody. You can all judge me say I'm going overboard on this but the only hope for the future of mankind is love and understanding, true one person may not make a dent but if people wouldn't give up and give in to being hurtful to others and spreading hate then things could change, but as long as we are ok with discarding the feelings of others as a trivial matter then nothing is ever going to get better. Manny I'm sorry something so silly turned into this overgrown mess but can't you agree either no reply or a reply simply saying "not funny" would've been better than insulting me to entertain yourself until you get home? Geez I'm not being unreasonable here, we are all obviously fans of this game and franchise which means we are probably all fans of the genre and if we took the time we'd probably find out we have tons in common. Instead we just bicker and have verbal dick measuring contests, I'm guilty of it to but I'll own that and apologize, I am sorry for anything I may have said or done in this thread to insult or offend you or anyone else. Where the heck is the update!! ☺
  8. I just realized you were saying I should've said the dick thing to him, lol I thought u were saying that to me... I feel dumb... I missed the " : "
  9. I don't entertain myself insulting and hurting others, Manny does. And exactly what did I miss?
  10. So being hurtful to others is entertaining to you...gotcha. peace was nice chatting with you.
  11. Dude I was just goofing around passing the time cuz I'm looking forward to this update of this amazing game myself but it would only be hypocrisy if I was attacking people with insults for the sole purpose of trying to emotionally belittle them. I am actually a nice guy, father of 2 great kids whom I'm raising to not be assholes to others. If they wanna goof around on forums, cool but I actually care about not hurting others and I'm teaching them those same values. It's a shame you don't care about how you treat your fellow man cuz as fucked up as this world is we could really use less hate and more love. You didn't have to be a hurtful dick, you chose to be, if you're proud of that then all the power to you.
  12. Again that's steam not consoles, regardless if dbd wasn't worried they wouldn't be trying so hard to give away their product and drop teaser today. Go to a dbd forum lmmfao
  13. Maybe on steam.yet dbd needs to give away free weekends lmao and try to take away f13's update thunder by dropping teaser today, seems very defensive
  14. Apparently making sure to insult me mattered to you, wow I might not be funny but at least I'm not a dick head. Lol I'm sorry great gif though!!!
  15. No I just think it's strange instead of just ignoring my comment and moving on like a normal person would you decided to be the comedy police and publicly belittle and humor shame me to everyone, probably to help you feel better about your own shortcomings. Oh well.
  16. Really so dbd posting a teaser for upcoming dlc the same day as f13's mega update and then giving a free weekend is just a coincidence....you see there is a reason dbd needs to give free weekends so often and f13 doesn't LMFAO
  17. Well thank you Manny I will! Btw I was just goofing around, I wasn't trying to pawn myself off as a comedic genius, you just need to take that righteous stick out of your ass and chill out
  18. Hmm dbd says f13 isn't competition yet they drop a teaser trailer today and are having a free weekend....seems dbd Is a lil more shook then theyd like us to believe
  19. Lol well pauley shore would've been better insult, secondly dude I'm doing my job just fine to get you butthurt enough to respond to such a lame person like me lmmfao ? I've got the power!
  20. You just mad cuz I got ya. And I didn't use any oversized props so carrot top doesn't fit, you should've went with pauley shore ?
  21. Yes update is downloading, I can't wait to try all this new stuff out!!!!! Is what I'll be saying when it drops later?
  22. Man you are reaching that's a lot of shoulda coulda wouldas
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