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  1. For me it's not being able to skip the cut scenes after watching them several times, come on once we've watched it once give us an option to skip please!
  2. Dude it's not happening, they were just candy coating the fact that it's not getting made. That whole post was full of words that are pretty much Dev code for not happening. They got too much on their plate anyways with Jason x content, bug fixes and dedicated server stuff.
  3. We were both on lease renting the house, both paying half, I got kids from past relationship so I had to keep house but it was another sctewjob by her cuz it's expensive we got it on basis we both paid, so I'm working two jobs now, she buttered up landlords and got herself removed from lease shortly before leaving, she had it planned. She is a c#@t and I did nothing close to deserving what she has done to me. And I was just too trusting when we backed the game she filled everything out but I couldn't fathom us splitting up at the time so I wasn't thinking about the what ifs.
  4. I could try but she's not dumb and she knows how bad I want it and that I'm clever as well, but it's worth a shot. I know sum1 to do it, I'll set it up but not getting my hopes up.
  5. Already did a few times but yes she should gkhs. I thought about seeing if I could share play someone's savini to at least get to play him once but nobody I know has him and also I don't wanna get in trouble or get sum1 else in trouble. I swear Everytime Uplay against a savini I fill up with rage lol it truly sucks. And finding out a bunch of people got to buy him at launch without backing the game after I dont get savini and backed the game with quite a bit of money for me really pisses me off.
  6. Of course! Thought bout naming him Kane but ppl would think I was just naming him after the wrestler so we went with hodder! @sfosterjr I'll do anything for code except committing a crime lol. I can't even bring myself to watch the game's credits because if they list backers then her name is there! ??
  7. I've tried everything even offered to pay her alot of money, she doesn't want the dog which is sad he's a sweet pit bull named Hodder!!
  8. Sorry to blow a hole in your theory but devs debunked it a while back, the "new game mode" on roadmap was suppose to be paranoia but it was indefinitely delayed. Plus vc 2.0 says Uber Jason and Grendel "map" coming to the game soon. If it was a separate game mode they wouldn't have worded it the way they did. Most likely the Grendel will have a big chunk of it be a virtual camp Crystal lake where you do exact objectives like any other map and escape via car cops or boat from the virtual camp like how the holodeck in Jason x is fully interactive also Jason killing girls in sleeping bags. But no we were never getting paranoia and a new game mode, paranoia was suppose to be the new game mode from roadmap. Plus the last update accidentally leaked Uber Jason to a ton of PC players complete with stats, intro/outro cut scenes and playable on all maps.
  9. Let's hear your saddest moments pertaining to Friday the 13th the game, here is mine: My GF and I backed the game together but broke up shortly before release, unfortunately we used her email and other info and she decided I keep the house and her debt and her dog and she took savini, she hasn't even installed the game but she refuses to let me have the savini code and I ponied up a lot of money to back this game but will never get to play as savini ????
  10. Hey bro be glad you got your code! My GF and I backed the game together but broke up shortly before release, unfortunately we used her email and other info and she decided I keep the house and her debt and her dog and she took savini, she hasn't even installed the game but she refuses to let me have the savini code and buddy I ponied up a lot of money to back this game ,??? enjoy your savini, you are safe, code is ok to use if it's legit. Have fun!
  11. Yes I was being sarcastic bout it taking months to drop. /S means sarcasm lol
  12. I just wish once you've seen a cut scene you would have the option to skip
  13. I appreciate everything they've done they haven't burnt me but I've seen their limitations, sorry but Roy wouldn't be so crazy he'd love in Jason's shack hear Pamela's voice,who he never met btw, or believe a female counselor wearing Pamela's sweater was actually Pamela. They said that to explain away the fact it would've been game breaking to change those mechanics, their core mechanics and all that hoopla have to run the same or it messes things up. Look at my username, I more than anyone want escape pods, km-13 and all that jazz but realistically the small Dev team just lacks the resources to have one map operate completely different than the others. I pray they surprise us but I won't be down if they don't because realistically they can only do so much. I think there will still be other stuff on the ship that's cool like the liquid nitrogen kill and numerous other environmental kills and Easter eggs and maybe some futuristic weapons buty gut and senses tell me the escaping will be via cops car or boat from virtual camp and that tommy will still be the hero via virtual camp.
  14. That was just my idea of how they'd explain the move, about as dumb as saying Roy hears Pamela is stunned by her sweater and doesn't die just cuz he's so crazy he believes he is Jason. Take away the tricking Jason part there are big clues, they can't or won't change core objectives and game mechanics, the leaked video shows a camp area on mini map put the 2 together it seems they'll just have us doing same objectives in the virtual camp they'll just say it's fully functional and fully interactive holographic, it's so far in the future they can say tech does whatever they want. Also we are a bunch of 80s counselors on a spaceship in the future. Side note, the car in video was in middle of a room, even if it was a placeholder it wouldn't be placed like that if it's actually going to be an escape pod. The pod would be on the other side of one of the doors in the Grendel room from vc 2.0 docked to actual ship. I'm just saying don't build your expectations too high and you won't get as disappointed if I'm right but if I'm wrong it'll be sooo much more exciting to get something we didn't expect!
  15. Maybe but look at devs track record, they wouldn't even change anything for Roy, making new objectives would be far to big of a task. The leaked map shows mini map with virtual camp I'm sorry but I'm 99% sure the map will play identically as other maps, we will be doing everything the same to escape via the part of ship that is holodeck virtual camp Crystal lake ? if I'm wrong awesome...but put your hype aside and think realistically about how the devs have handled things so far..
  16. Escape pod would be sweet but Jason couldn't stop it like a car or pull ppl out etc etc, you're right about cops. I just see them explaining Jason thinks we are escaping virtual camp but in reality it's a hologram to distract him while we escape spaceship. Even though we don't see it we understand that escaping in car or boat is actually us escaping in pod, Hell even if after escaping in car or boat it cut to a cut scene of an escape pod flying off I'd be ok with that. I just hope I'm wrong about us just doing same stuff as other maps in a virtual camp Crystal lake on the Grendel. I really hope I'm wrong.....
  17. You misunderstood, I said since they didn't or couldnt change game mechanics for Roy (just a Jason model) then there's no way they can or will change game mechanics for an entire map (Grendel). Uber will be playable in every map and every Jason will be playable on Grendel, no doubt.
  18. It'll be a spaceship but realistically part of ship will be a virtual camp where normal objectives play out. Look they couldn't change any game mechanics for Roy and he's just a Jason model, so there's no way they could change core game mechanics for a map. Could still be fun tho just don't expect escape pods and km-13
  19. Wes tweeted today their attention is focused on content everyone has been eXpecting! Spelled just like that! Yay! Now the bummer part, first off I obviously love Jason x and I backed this game in hopes of getting the Jason x stretch goals (even though me and my girlfriendfriend broke up before release and she stole my savini!) Anyways I was wanting the Grendel and Uber Jason and ive been pumped since vc 2.0, right after reveal I pictured km-13, an escape pod and the space police connecting to Grendel like in the movie but then roy and Pinehurst dropped and I learned the devs don't like to change game mechanics and then reality set in and ive lowered my expectations do I don't get butthurt when Grendel drops let me explain: Roy was placed in game and besides his match end cut scene nothing was changed. The devs coyly stated Roy really believes he is Jason but I think that was just their sly attempt to explain away the following inconsistencies, Roy starts in Jason's shack with Pamela's head, Roy hears Pamela's voice, he is stunned by her sweater. Etc etc. Even if he does believe he is Jason he isn't gonna hear her voice or even know what the hell the sweater is about, even if he did he's not mentally slow like Jason so he'd know it wasn't Pamela wearing sweater telling him to stop. The truth is the devs couldn't change the game mechanics for one Jason model because it would require too much work and could be game breaking. this is why sadly the most likely scenario for Grendel map will be the following. There will be a holodeck on the Grendel housing a fully functional interactive virtual camp Crystal lake. This will be where all objectives will play out, you will still call tommy, repair phone box, call cops, fix car, fix boat, get sweater. The way to win will be escaping virtual camp via cops, car or boat and afterwards the Grendel will probably explode like in movie and the whole escaping virtual camp will be like a distraction to Jason and in reality you are escaping ship it just won't be shown. Either way don't expect there to be new heroes, an escape pod or space police because if they couldn't even change game mechanics for one Jason model then there is no way they can for an entire map. I'm a huge Jason x fan and I'd love to be wrong but if you set your hype aside and look at the facts you will come to same conclusion, it would take too much for them to change the core mechanics of this game. I'm still excited but not gonna be unrealistic about my expectations just to be crushed when it ends up being a virtual camp on part of the Grendel.
  20. Pretty sure it was same machete from vc 2.0, I was killed by having my leg cut off and being head butted to death, afterwards I hit YouTube and found a video of exact same kill done to another player, same Uber model and blade
  21. The leaked map was accidentally confirmed by a Dev on Twitter, I wish it had been fake, cuz the leaked video shows part of ship map is a virtual camp Crystal lake and I've had suspicion for a while that though it will be a spaceship all objectives will be carried out in the virtual camp just like other maps, tommy,cops,car,boat and sweater and we will be escaping the virtual camp to win ?
  22. Hey shifty im not very tech savvy but is there no way to block people from finding the assets of unreleased content in new updates? It seems every new update people are pulling Jason x content stuff out of the game files and spoiling the surprise for everyone, almost impossible to avoid spoilers/leaks now a days and I backed this game mostly for the Jason x stretch goals and so far I've had the unmasked Uber spoiled, parts of the grendel spoiled and now his kills, I didn't watch entire Grendel video but the unmasked and kills were spoiled simply by playing the game on PC. Is there nothing y'all can do to avoid people pulling these things from update files, do you have to include them in update files, like not include the unreleased stuff until their specific update drops? Like I said I have no idea how it works but I'd really like to get these questions answered.
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