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  1. Just cuz u got a tattoo after becoming a huge fan of the game doesn't mean you watched Jason x and btw off subject lil tidbit lep in space wasn't originally a lep script lol it was just a cheesy horrible sci fi b movie script that lep was integrated into.
  2. Best and worst scene in Jason x? Best and worst character? Jgth is incredibly bad I agree but Jason x is original and refreshing.
  3. Hurry go to imdb get enough info to make it seem like you watched it.
  4. No it will be the Grendel not a hologram. They will just change how help is called and arrives and probably have 2-4 person escape pods you have to repair and Uber will be playable in all maps. Every1 thought too much about how much would need changed to make Roy work but as you know nothing at all was changed.
  5. At least your opinion is based on actually watching the film. .thanks
  6. Iyho what is best and worst scene in Jason x and best and worst character
  7. What was the worst scene in your opinion and the best?
  8. Thank you! I think alotta f13 game fans say it sucks because its in space even though most haven't even watched it. Have you read the 4 Jason x sequel novels by blackflame? They are awesome!!?!
  9. With Uber coming soon to this amazing game I wanted to bring up something that just blows my mind, I'm a hardcore f13 fan whose fav installments would be in order: X, 4, 6, 1, 7, 2, 3, fvj, 5, remake, 8, 9 but I hear X getting so much crap. I think this movie was one of the most original and refreshing installments to the franchise. I grew up in the 80s and the f13 series was my fav I enjoyed every f13 movie besides jgth. Jason x was well acted, tongue in cheek funny and was awesome to see the Uber reveal in theatres, the only reason it bombed is because it leaked online over a year before hitting theatres! I see the f13 game fanbase bashing this movie usually by saying Jason in space was just dumb, I honestly believe most people saying this are newbies brought to the franchise by the game who haven't even seen Jason x and just assume because Jason x is in space it must be dumb, but if they'd actually watch it maybe they'd see how much fun the film actually was....besides he just wants his machete back after all! I can't wait to run from or hunt as uber Jason on the Grendel soon...only wish one day we get pre Uber Jason X.
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