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  1. In before it’s locked one last time before the end and goodnight my friends
  2. Sorry to be a bother Matt, but did they have time to remove the negatives from Legendary Perks? And did they increase the chances of being awarded higher level perks at max level, cause I still don’t want to spend 500,000 and get perks worse than what I have.
  3. I’m going to try not to be to sad in this. I’m probably going to fail... but if the forum is being archived, this is my last chance. I’m always going to love this game. It actually brought me back to gaming after losing interest, I stumbled on a YouTuber playing, it’s funny cause back then I rarely if ever watched game play footage.... but it was Jason. i grew up talking about Friday, staying up late or sneaking over at friends houses to see them. I clicked on the video expecting to see a mockery of what I loved. From the first minutes though, that opening cut scene, to the obvious devotion to getting details right, that I was wrong. I watched every video that had been posted by that youtuber. I looked up the Kickstarter and read every bit of news. Soon after I bought a PS4, tv, headset and a single title, Friday. It was as if someone had heard dozens of conversations I’d had about Friday and made a game out of them. It’s still my favourite game of all time and I hope to see you all in camp. I’m going to miss this place, even visiting over the last while has been soothing. Like visiting your cabin in the off season, not many people but so very peaceful. I hope to see you all again, in another forum, at another time. Who knows, maybe a Gun is doing this, so they can give us something new. Till then, stay safe and be careful around a Crystal Lake, it has a death curse.
  4. @mattshotcha, will the final patch allow us, to visit camp offline as a Counselor? or the ability to load into a Private match alone, as Counselor. Bot’s would be more fun though.... even the single player challenges would be cool to see from a different perspective.
  5. 😓, unfortunately that’s not possible. Wish it or something like it had been. Welcome to camp, it’s the off season but feel free to make use of the facilities.
  6. Welcome to camp, it’s the off season but make yourself at home.
  7. I might be..... but I’m still hoping for more asymmetrical horror from Gun and he could use a company in his corner, the game looks amazing. He was inspired by Friday, so I think he’d be pretty stoked to be offered assistance. Plus I’m a console player, I’ll have to wait longer to play unless he gets help. Anyone who’s interested can check out Fireblitz games on YouTube, or Charlie the Legend on Twitter.
  8. damnenchiladas. Did a very good job this time around, it’s very cinematic. For anyone who missed it there’s an article on BD... https://bloody-disgusting.com/interviews/3637315/never-hike-snow-vincente-disanti-explores-plans-friday-13th-fan-films-beyond-interview/ Go give it a read, his plans for the next one sound amazing.
  9. Just thought I’d let people know, Charlie the Legend is still being worked on, aiming for sometime next summer. The reason it is taking so long is that it’s being done by one guy, if any Publishing company looked into it they’d find its about 70% complete which is kinda amazing considering. A game that’s 2/3rds done and is already set to be released on both console and PC could really be an investment worth making. To bad I can’t think of any Pubs who do asymmetrical horror and who might need a game to promote and assist in the development of. @mattshotcha, originally I wasn’t going to tag you but maybe this is worth passing on.
  10. I really like those, would have been cool to have variant skins for all the Jason’s.
  11. Hey Brother, just had to stop by and say, my fiancé and me really enjoyed Never Hike in the Snow. I liked the Easter egg on the computer and the box of Hockey masks, as a shown explanation for him having access to new ones. Even the tag blowing in the wind was perfect. 

    PS. You’re a decent Michael too. 🔪


  12. If he had been his own Jason, I believe he would have been supernatural ie. a zombie. would have been nice to get his own mode, that would have been cool.
  13. It’s a glitch, there’s another video of a similar effect on here somewhere. It was on Packanack not sure which version.
  14. Hey man, I appreciate the tag. Some of the people you tagged might still check in at camp but not very often as of late. I was just stopping by myself and thought I’d say hi. As to what you’re trying to do, I wish you the best of luck. Making a fan film is very hard. It’s possible though so don’t be discouraged. In your shoes I’d start small working on a few things at the same time. You need a script, you need to find places you can shoot it, you need to do some camera tests and workout how your going to handle lighting. Playing Jason will be the easy part. As for a script, Never Hike Alone is the best example. Keep it simple but you can expand the cast, no more than 3 people as characters that you follow to the camp (assuming that’s where it takes place), assume 2 will die and pick deaths that are film able. Other secondary characters can add weight to a story. It’s easy enough to have an older man or woman play a sheriff standing over a bloody sheet covered body or as a coroner covering said body and telling someone ‘He’s back!’. Make the girl the hero and final girl, she doesn’t have to physically beat Jason. Set an expectation in people’s minds early, using the above example of a sheriff or coroner, have them state he never enters a specific place. Could be a house near the lake or the graveyard, locals would have a different understanding of Jason now than they did back in the eighties and nineties. Here’s an idea that’s pretty simple.... Imagine if kids (young adults) have started going out to crystal lake and daring him to get them before they can make it out to the Graveyard, the Sheriff and Coroner can talk over a body of the last person who failed. The three who go out maybe one of them doesn’t know that’s what’s going to happen (the final girl), I mean they (the other 2) don’t think it’s real. Of course Jason will show up before anything really naughty can occur and then it really is a race for the Graveyard. If you include Shift/Morph, you could have them split up and when one of them gets to the graveyard gets killed anyway, you establish a rule people believe and then dispel it by having it not be true. The second runner, the girl can go for help and get to it in the nick of time. (Close with the Sheriff pointing out they keep running to the wrong Graveyard and that his mothers grave is else where. Anyway, there’s an idea, hope it helps.
  15. I never considered that..... trying to stop the bot car from leaving would be a great way to entertain myself. Would never do it in a pub match as I wouldn’t want to ruin someone’s fun but against bots it would be fine. If it’s cause it leaves Jason out, it doesn’t, it’s just tumour head hoping bodies.
  16. Welcome to camp, I’m not on switch but I wish you luck in finding people. It’s the off season and a bit slow around camp these days. If you have the time, please make an introduction post and take a minute to read the rules. Thanks, and you can call me Slasher.
  17. Welcome to camp, sorry I’m so late. It’s the off season. Please feel free to read anything that strikes you fancy.
  18. Welcome to camp, it’s the off season and I’m on PS4, feel free to read anything you like.
  19. Welcome to camp, it’s the off season, so kinda slow but people are nice enough and you can make use of the amenities.
  20. That’s all I want, is to be able to take a Counselor to visit. I’d like bots and for them to behave as normal, trying to escape. If I want them gone I’ll just kill them and be done with it. Going to camp as a Counselor means the content I payed for is still useable. The clothing and emotes can still be done, I can still record videos if I feel like it. The only extra, I would want is a shotgun with infinite ammo. So I can remove the bots faster when necessary.
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