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  1. Down the road this would be an excellent tease for a vol. 2. I don't think we have all of vol. 1 at this point, regardless I'm glad you brought it up. I could see The Shape being the vol. 2 killer, although his lore doesn't feel quite as expansive. I think that could be over come, more on that in a bit, first. If the Devs give us Roy, Pamela, and finish the road map out I think there's a good chance we will get new story out of them. Ideally the story would be a lose collection of lore that could make sense of the inconsistencies(in the movies) and tie the separate game volumes together. I can't believe the level of detail in this game, with access to the production notes and a little approved creative license there really isn't a good reason not to take the next step in building a shared game universe. If the Devs did offer paid DLCs, that re-skin the maps and killer I think it would have to be part of vol. 2. Maybe the unreal engine and game programming could handle it. I'm not sure myself. Assuming they could now or in future volumes, there are quite a few slashers who could be fun to play. Billy from Black Christmas, Victor Crowley from Hatchet, Chucky from Child's Play(re-skin DLC kid Jason), and Ghost Face from Scream/Stab.
  2. But I want options, I have maps of all the spawn points, what I don't have is perks that make my character unique or more fun to play. Look it's great munchkins can meta their perks, but what about the rest of us who don't want to run the same three on every character?
  3. That's good, seeing the shrine and Jason would make it a great perk.
  4. I wrote this in another post but felt I should repeat it here. If the player has the psychic perk, let them see the sweater and shrine, like how Jason's sense works but mid to close range.
  5. I would like to add that even though councillors emotes don't have an added effect, that doesn't mean we can't buff Jason's. Jason is a doer, every action matters, so his emotes should as well.
  6. I like long walks on the beach, that end in murder.
  7. Dance emotes are fine, but why would Jason need them, give me some taunts that invoke fear in players and rage in Jason. Make Jason's emotes useful, give them interesting side effects/bonuses. Successfully using emotes would raise Jason's rage, failure would decrease it slightly. Jason's emotes would only work close range, and if a player is watching/looking at Jason, or preforming an emote/t-bag. Emotes wouldn't effect players in hiding unless specified. Each emote would be balanced by Devs, how long each takes to preform, effect, or worthiness of a badge. These are just some ideas (probably posted in the wrong thread, but I'm just answering the question asked by Cokeyskunk, and I think they should effect the rage meter, so kinda relevant.), don't be to harsh, thanks. 1. If a player wants to dance, give me the ability to make them stumble back by emoting a quick lunge. Usable from the ground. 2. Let me raise my mask, maybe have it take their mini map away for a short time. Countered by Nerves of Steel perk. 3. Let me pretend to throw my weapon, and force them to dodge and sacrifice stamina. Add throw points where Jason actually does throw the weapon, archery range, a few lonely roads. Jason should see these throw points, players would have to be careful not to get caught in one. 4. Let me kneel at my Mothers Shrine, over a kill or point of interest. Rage bonus, hiding tactics when in stalk? 5. Let me stare at the sky, and give me a wide downward shot from my camera pov. An expanding view that rises above Jason, letting me see everything around, even better if sense is active to show Jason where those players are hiding. Highlight hiding points when rage is full. 6. Let me hang a body over an object or place ie. window sill, car hood, canoe, fence. Waist high, bent in the middle so arms and heads don't matter to much. Adds a fun way to hide bodies, close to where they fall. 7. Let me flip a piece of scenery, tables to start, make them like kill points on the map. (These all might be asking to much, this one in particular, but you can't blame a clone for trying.) 8. Have Jason pick up and throw a small item lying on the ground/table. The item doesn't go far, and the direction is random but gives you an option to disperse a pile of loot. It should come with a rage penalty, but maybe works for heads too. 9. Let me breath, you know what I'm talking about, just lock eyes on a target head moves body is planted but something is about to break. Deep breaths, followed by explosive movement. Short speed bonus, ten steps or so. Let me run them down like Hodder. 10. Give me a special emote that let's players hear Mother. If the player has the psychic perk, let them see the sweater and shrine, like how Jason's sense works but mid to close range. If under the influence of the emote, have Mother's head speak to them. Maybe pieces of the Pamela tapes play leading them to undiscovered tapes, so much fun could be had. As for making Jason use this emote, maybe carrying one of the occult books scattered around camp could trigger it. Jason emotes but this happens as well, giving Jason pause about becoming an emote fiend. Hope that, never mind I don't think that answers any questions, you enjoyed it anyway.
  8. I like this, make Jason scary again. I also think when jason is enraged he should speed up his walk slightly, the longer he's in pursuit the less circles people could run him in.
  9. I'd like to be able to sacrifice a weapon to disable a trap, don't really care if Jason is notified. Seems wrong to make my character purposely step in a trap when I'm holding something, just let me set it off with my bat or poker. Notify Jason, but let me skip the escape mini game, and save my med. spray. The weapon should be destroyed, when you strike the trap with it, then Jason should get his triggered trap notification.
  10. Hi, don't understand the point of this, or what I'm supposed to write.
  11. Great idea. It would be nice if it included things like, carrying the key/battery/gas to drop off, acting as guard for weaker players, or giving up a quick use item to another player.
  12. Jones, the only one acting like a child is you, this is Gummybish's sandbox, don't like their post ignore it.
  13. I was being sarcastic, duplicate posts abound. Also why introduce myself, what's the point? Honestly I don't know.
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