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  1. Hope to see you all again. Can’t really believe how much I’m gonna miss this place and the community... and the sense of community. 


    Best of luck in your future endeavours Matt, if you could pass on a message to Shifty and Wes. Let them know, you guys built something special in the horror community. You got here late but you’re part of that too. 

    Sincerly Slasher

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  2. 3 hours ago, tyrant666 said:

    That said, to close with some positivity.

    The Xmas Beta of 2016 and all the excitement around the game from that time period up until around the one year anniversary when the game got shanked by the lawsuit were exciting times to be a fan of this game. Through all its ups and downs through that year and a half, it was good times. We finally got a F13 game with a multiplayer aspect that was mostly solid, but could've been more in depth obviously IMO. Hopefully another one comes out before all the players who played this one end up being fertilizer.


    That pre-alpha footage looks great even today. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Strigoi said:

    Wes Keltner announced on twitter that he will be taking Gun medias new game to some sort of gaming convention this year and revealing guns new Huge Horror franchise title.

    I really hope so... maybe not the going to a convention part but an announcement this year would be very nice. 
    I’m still not convinced it’s going to be Halloween. I’ve been considering which franchise would play the most like Friday and still think TCM or even Hatchet has the most chance of being successful in that format. 
    It’s also possible that Gun may not try a franchise but instead return to their roots so to speak and their next game could be done as a Volume Two. Summer Camp:Volume One did get transmogrified into Friday, so maybe they’ll step back and do Suburbia:Volume Two or something of the like. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Strigoi said:

     I have done nothing wrong.

    this thread is about hacked lobbies and hacked parts of the game.

    Not sure why your upset.

    I Recently watched a youtube video of the definitive edition and possible new maps hacks.

    Im allowed to post here in the forums just like anyone else.

    please leave me alone if you dont like my posts.

    Man, Tim is just trying to warn you. He’s not wrong about it, not being a topic for here.

    Could you do me a favour and drop that one topic. 

  5. I miss all the speculation about what the next game will be. Halloween is certainly the fan favourite, I personally think TCM would play more like Friday than a Halloween game would. For some reason, I think just being dropped in the final act wouldn’t work as well for Halloween. It might be because Halloween tends to have solo or duo protagonists and not groups but also keeping it true to Michael might be difficult. That said, I think if someone cracks how to lay it out in stages so that it has build up and uncertainty a Halloween or Scream game would be a ton of fun. I think both those games will require activities for the victims/killers to preform before commencing with the slaughter. In Scream the killer calls before appearing, often one of the first attempted victims survives to increase the tension, this could be worked into the game. With the killer having to choose where to push and the survivors having to choose the location of any final conflict.

  6. Thanks Matt, nice surprise for the community. Wasn’t expecting a patch and getting the notes early is always nice. 

    I am sorry to hear this place is going to be archived. I know it’s unlikely you can share any information but on the off chance you can, will Gun be opening a new forum, within the next year or so?

     (Hell, I’d join a forum not knowing what game we were getting. The fresh start would be nice and while I think we would be mostly killing time, I wouldn’t mind that with most of the people I’ve met here. Might save you some time establishing a new community around Guns future project.)

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  7. On 4/24/2021 at 10:58 PM, Strigoi said:

    Now why would you suggest that i be banned from this forum. thanks alot.

    I Thought we were friends on the forums.

    What have i done that has aggervated you so bad.

    Are you just angry that i acciedently caused mattshotcha to close the Grendel thread.


    Best not to tag him if he’s ignoring something, in the future no need to provoke a response. Besides, what could he say, nothing we want to hear I’d guess. I don’t hold you accountable brother, the mods or Matt either for that matter. If these guys are connected to other stuff then it’s for the best that it was locked. Don’t worry, there’ll be other threads. 

  8. 13 hours ago, Animal1ty said:

    Hello everyone! Didn't see any discussion about it here, maybe it's forbidden, which is strange. But nevertheless I will try to ask.
    First, I am sure that you have probably already heard about this new version of the game, which is being created by the players themselves (there is evidence that the authors of this new version are the people who killed the current game on PC by creating hacked servers). What do you think about it?
    Second: how does GUN relate to this? Will there be an attempt to block the distribution of this version? Will the GUN ban players for using it?? (It will be installed on top of the official Steam game and will not work without the purchased game).

    In the current environment, this appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the F13. However, I and many others have serious concerns about this. I would like to know the opinion of both ordinary players and the publisher (GUN).

    Wasn’t aware of some of what you have brought up. If true it is unfortunate.

    Welcome to camp by the way, it’s the off season but feel free to make use of the facilities.... and to think we used to only have a masked psychopath to deal with, things were simpler then... 😧 


    PS. The thread discussing the YouTube videos about this is in off topic, it’s locked and the video’s are deleted but the conversation was fun while it lasted. 

  9. 5 hours ago, Strigoi said:

    Im going to comment before mattshotcha shuts this down as it is stolen mod hacks from Gun Media.

    You know better than to share these mod hacks on the forum.

    We all know the answer to these mod hacks as we have asked mattshotcha multiple times to let modders into the game.

    Relax man, if they asked me to take the videos down I would. If their policy is to ignore it, I only take that as a good sign for things to come, their attention is elsewhere. Posting it openly here, informed the devs as well as the community, so I’m not sure how you think sharing it is wrong on my part. Gun might not be able to show us more that could have been but they also might not be opposed to us seeing it.

    Not all modder’s are acting with negative intent, as for the legality of it, I’m not a lawyer. As far as I know, as long as they make no money from it and Gun doesn’t issue a CaD, then what they are doing is fine. It is entirely possible that Gun will send a CaD, the game is still for sale and this could hurt their bottom line. If Gun are launching another big title, then alternatively having your beloved game receive the kind of attention this mod will bring to the community, might be good for sales of your new project.

    .... I just going to wait and see. I have enjoyed having something to talk about, I miss this place. 

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  10. 36 minutes ago, Carlso said:

    I am curious to know what counselors need to do to escape. Escape pods? How's the police gonna arrive on the space (space police?)?  

    They’re still working on it. There’s only the escape pods currently. The phone box is in the map, they intend to add it. I’m assuming a ship will dock and you’ll run down an umbilical corridor that has the same effect as a police escape now. There’s a car on a different build of Grendel that is set up like a launching space craft. There’s also no way to kill Jason on Grendel currently, don’t know if that will ever change. 

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  11. 2 hours ago, Carlso said:

    Sneaky gonna be useless on the Grendel map so I am kinda sad. But mostly happy. I saw this some weeks ago, but thought it was not serious. Bless people behind this.

    There are still windows to hop in the accommodation section, Sneaky might still be decent. 

    Edit - Added SlashnCast’s video up top.

  12. 22 minutes ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    Wow. And they said the Grendel wasn’t anywhere near playable and all of Jason X’s animations weren’t done. For the first time I’m ready to call total bullshit on their part. Looked like they were further along in development than they said, or someone spent a lot of time working on something that was “never going to see the light of day” after the deadline. 

    This isn’t necessarily exactly what Gun had planned. They stole assets from other parts of the game and did other work, possibly even building their own assets, from what I’ve read so far. This is the work of very dedicated modder’s, not Black Tower or illfonic directly. 
    From other builds of Grendel I’ve seen it looks like the modder’s textured almost the whole place, fixed the stairs, added assets for repairing the shuttles and maybe even built their own opening cinematic. 

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  13. On 4/21/2021 at 6:38 PM, OCT 31 1978 said:


    Speechless..... straight up F13 geek-gasm When he walked into the holo deck room...

    Hell yeah, and did you see that opening kill..... fucking perfect. 
    I also liked the blue sparks (firecrackers) and other set dressing, seeing it work, just convinces me a city map was possible given enough time. Still glad to see it. 

    Edit Part Two - Lazarus Experience 

    [deleted content]


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  14. [deleted content]

    Something interesting that popped up in my recommended. I’m not sure how Gun is going to feel about this, but until I hear otherwise I’m going to assume it’s not against the rules.



    SlashnCast did their own walk through in case anyone prefers them, here’s their video....

    [deleted content]


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