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  1. As disappointed as anyone to hear the news, but wanted to add my voice to say I'll be playing this game online for as long as I am able, regardless of any lack of new content.
  2. I've already encountered my first "barn glitcher". Management glitch his way up the ladder. Then proceeded to boast about it and waste everyones time while he sat up there safely for the whole round
  3. Thank you everyone. Kind of glad it is not just me, but a little disheartened that it seems to be a widespread activity. I did actually record the footage, so I may proceed to report as sugested above. Worst case is nothing is done... and I would still feel better :-)
  4. Ok, so this is something that I seem to have experienced with a fair degree of regularity on the game, which reached it's peak yesterday. I understand many many people play this game with their friends, and that when one of them is Jason they might not be "overly motivated" to hunt their friend, or even kill them when their friend is in front of them. Annoying as that is when you are the "sacrificial lamb", two issues lately have really got my goat and I can't decide if I should just lighten up :-) Help me out!.... And the "one friend as Jason and one friend as a counselor seems to be a very regular occurence" - Twice yesterday I was in games where a counselor deliberately drove both cars into the lake, destroying them to stop anyone escaping, then leading Jason to find all the survivors. Not cool I thought. - Not as bad, but I have also seen plenty of occasions were Jason is led around by a counselor who discharges all the firearms they come across, help to block doors, place traps by windows, and then aid Jason in killing everyone, only for them to spend the last 10 minutes of the game dancing and walking round each other (or trying very slowly to fix an objective solo). Am I the only one who a) sees this, and / or gets incredibly annoyed by this.... I would loooove to name and shame but fear I may just need to relax and deal :-)
  5. Lol there is your next DLC. I am not arguing with you over Merkel. Why I think you are wrong on Brexit has nothing to do with her, or her country, and everything to do with my own. I suspect you might misunderstand her position and influence though :-)
  6. I admit, I am probably not as huge a fan of the Friday 13th movies as some on here (don't throw anything at me), but I am a huge fan of this game. That being said, I was genuinely surprised that people actually expected this Jason to be treated any different (mothers voice, spawn, cabin sweater, how to kill, movement etc). Of course he was always going to be a Jason like the others with tweaks. I would sincerely love a new "character" that plays different from Jason, but still adheres to a Friday 13th lore (and I would hope they would Market the heck out of it).
  7. I could go on and on on why you are wrong, but will speak no further of this matter :-)..... Brexit that is! Yeah, I think this conversation needs to be put to bed (the irony of me further bumping this thread not withstanding).... still, we do love a good moan on those things that irk us, so power to the people my good man :-)
  8. Not to repeat what others have said (ok maybe there will be a bit of repeating).... but my experience of the game (yes it is just mine and anecdotally what I have heard), is that the dancing emotes are used exclusively to Troll Jason. Even when I am a counselor, very little annoys me in the game more than this (yes I am weird). I admit I wish they had never introduced them (just why... in a game like this why). But they have, and people have paid their own money for them (why you ask.... see above) so I would not advocate removing them (and indeed I don't believe they will). Maybe if the game balances are implemented it will become less of an issue. Like Brexit, what is done is done (sad face), and even if we don't agree with it we have to move on for all our benefits (no referendum on emotes people). I'm done. be nice :-)
  9. This post has literally just made my day. Is it wrong of me that I am smiling, and actually chuckled out loud to myself :-). I used to jump for joy when I was a counselor and found a pocket knife. Now even I sigh, due to the abundance. Couple that with the constant griefers and Trolls (Teabagging and Dance Taunts etc), and I know feel very excited to try this "new" technique as Jason.... ok new to me! Thank you sir!
  10. Hello everyone. I have literally joined this forum for the first time to post here. What a great idea. If there is a community on PS4 I would be honored to join. I am a huge fan of this game, but it is all too often spoiled by immature, trolling and nasty gamers. My PSN name is GAVOMETER. If anything I can promise you great Jason Fodder :-)
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