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  1. I've seen plenty of times 3 or more people join a lobby together and all 3 being female counselors, 2 commit suicide and guarantee them the Tommy spot, something needs to be done, I don't know if they can punish a suicide player by eliminating them from becoming Tommy or what but it's a strategy being used in a group party and always works in their favor. Those Jason Hunter parties have their counselors equiped with the highly effective perks for stun, sucker punch and so on, it as easy as 4 hits to get the mask off and kill him with the right setup
  2. Another thing I would like to see also is make the Tommy box a repairable item at the start, like make the power box to his cabin have a red fuse or something, too many players I see commit suicide just to come back as Jarvis
  3. Yes it is, but I agree with him on being able to kill the best Jason's out there it's too easy, 4 hits and he's dead isnt an experience anyone wants, it's just simply too easy to kill him now. Nobody tries to do the objectives in the game because it's simply easier to gang rape Jason and then go for the kill
  4. Assuming he has a wife that games as well this isn't unheard of, 4 hours a day isn't a lot if you work 8 hour shifts, depends on someone's lifestyle! Claiming someone has no life because they are able to game 4 hours a day is just bullshit
  5. Very rarely does this happen to me with the cars, I don't even trap them anymore because it's the phone house I trap and the shack, all I see anymore is the Jason kill mobs running around, they distact you with 3-4 people, usually a superhuman Venessas with their ungodly stamina and marathon perks, then after a few hits from the gang bang the mask is off and Tommy and venessa shows up to deliver Jadons fate! Like I said I've only died once against my buddy's Jason kill mob he has, but my whole point to this thread is to find ways to make it harder to kill Jason
  6. And having 4-5 counselors able to do this at the same time is purely frustrating! All I'm asking is for ideas to make people do the objectives in the game not sit back and troll him for 20 minutes. Most lobbies don't even do the objectives because it's too easy to kill him, something needs to be done to make it harder to kill him so people will play and do the objectives instead of grouping together and always going for the kill, I have a buddy who has a great group of friends and that all they do is go for the kill every match and they succeed 9/10 matches
  7. Please read the other comments darlin, this is a discussion thread, if I needed to be better I wouldn't be sitting at 95% platinum
  8. Oh it's easy to deal with the low level new players, but try that shit against super Chad's and Venessas and it's a different ball game against experienced players
  9. I'm actually not complaining, ive got my 1313 kills and usually clear every lobby when I am Jason! I know all about combat stance, block etc. I'm not saying an all out no stun mode, but as I've asked before, what is the purpose of rage other than busting through a door faster just to be stunned by the waiting counselor? Why is it a bad idea once you hit rage to not be able to stun him anymore? Rage to me is Jason being pissed off to the max!
  10. I was just throwing stuff out there, but what is the purpose of rage other than smashing through a door instantly just to be stunned by a waiting counselor, I honestly think removing all stuns once he's in rage (in my opinion pissed off to the max) would be awesome, unless you take a considerable amount of beatings throughout the match you usually don't get rage until the 8 minute mark anyways! I just think it would be neat to see a pissed off Jason once in rage and everyone running for their lives vs sitting back and trolling him once he smashes through the door?
  11. Let's get some ideas to bring back the dominance of our beloved killer! It should feel very rewarding when your able to escape him! The constant dancing and trolling sucks! Let's discuss some ideas below! 1. Once in rage, you should no longer be able to get stunned, or have a much quicker recharge of abilities
  12. First off thank you for an awesome game and a dream come true, I've been playing it consistently since launch! I know you all may be aware or may not be, but Jason needs to have the dominant feel back, people love and play this game all the time, they also figure out over time all the little tricks to consistently escape, troll, and evade our beloved killer! I'm not sure how it can be done, but I have a few ideas. First let's start with a higher hp or whatever it is to make it harder to get the mask off, some Jason's it's as easy as 2 hits, which ultimately ends in a kill for the counselors usually! Secondly, once in rage you should have a much quicker recharge have of abilities, or eliminate being stunned once your in rage, whats the benefit of rage once you instantly bust through a door just to be stunned by the awaiting counselor, these alone would be an awesome experience as Jason and help eliminate some of the late game trolling for those that constantly do it towards the end of the match while the dead or escaped counselors are forced to watch it! Third, Everytime Jason swings and makes contact with a counselor, they can swing back instantly before you can even block it and constantly stun Jason as well, this is something that needs fixed as well. Forth, The new grab is awesome, but there is too much of a delay with it which results in a counselor coming back to rescue their buddy before you can even perform a special kill because of the delay. There are many of us who love the game and our killer, but it's no fun and hasn't really been for awhile now because counselors have so much more chances to play, figuring out all these little tricks and ganging up on Jason making his life miserable or resulting in death! I've only died once against a Jason killing crew, so this isn't complaining by no means, just some suggestions so people will want to be Jason again! Because honestly, getting trolled by someone Everytime you get stunned, or they sit by the cop exit dancing is frustrating!
  13. I agree, stuns from pocket knives during the removal of it needs to go, along with the stun from raging through a door, it's Jason Voorhees! You shouldn't be able to get those free shots right after animation, and they should be running instead of waiting for battle like a mob. They need to make it harder to kill him as well, maybe increase his hp or make the Tommy box a repairable item right from the start, put a fuse in it or something would be an interesting concept. These Jason kill mobs are growing everyday it's getting to the point that's all they want to do because with experienced players it's easier!
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