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  1. Would love that option. I would turn all Jason music way up. Adds to the suspense of the game.
  2. Just more people that don’t know how to play the game or play it for the wrong purpose. In my opinion, the point is to escape; not survive for 20 minutes trolling Jason. The 20 minute is a time limit on a match not truly a survival. They should have you lose xp if you play the full 20 minutes because let’s be honest, if you’re running around for 20 minutes you’re either hiding or a super troll dancing with 3 pocket knives by an exit knowing you can’t die. The excess pocket knives and shotguns have made matters worse but the main goal should ALWAYS be escaping. That’s the point of the game. There have been at least 25 rounds that I’ve played and been the only one completeing any objectives at all. It’s a gameplay issue and unfortunately some people enjoy playing in that style and they ruin it for the rest of us.
  3. Awesome idea. In rage mode you can walk through doors and walls, a little pocket knife should be obsolete.
  4. @a kamikaze man Legit every one of these ideas are amazing. Using counselor tools they have in their inventory as kills would be unreal. Even down to the pocket knife. @GunMedia_Ben @GunMedia You guys gotta check out these ideas above. Awesome stuff
  5. @AldermachXI we seem to have the same playing style as Jason and the same thought process how to actually play the game as a counselor. If you’re Jason and you’re not trapping the objectives I’m getting out 100% of the time. I also use a pocket knife to disarm the trap anytime it’s in my inventory. If you play on PS4 hit me up for a game sometime. Would love to play with a good group. Gamer tag is Cusi315. I do random for all my games now and let whichever counselor i randomly get dictate the way i play the round to keep it fresh each time. If I’m any character below a 5 in repairs i will find any item but drop it next to the car/boat/fuse and not install unless I’m one of the last counselors left. Everyone complaining about 5 check downs for a 2/10 repair isn’t factoring in the fact that it could take you 10-20 seconds of re rolling to get lucky enough to get 5 checkdowns and if not it’ll take 30 seconds to complete anyway. I propose they make said reroll automatically make the mistake noise of each part. If you reroll and try to cheat the system you should be penalized with Jason aware of where you are.
  6. @final_gal I love all of that! We really just need the little things improved on and not a brand new ability to cause more hosts to back out. I agree that shift should be before sense as well. I’m praying the next update makes playing as Jason less of a burden and a lot more fun again
  7. It wouldn’t work if you’re the last counselor and only work once Jason is in rage mode. Could be specific to even Uber Jason or a future one. Obviousy none of this would actually work in the game. Just looking for a bit of movie realism if you will.
  8. It’s not an instant win button. It’s an instant kill 1 time button for a character who appears out of nowhere over and over again in films and is indestructible. The game is too counselor friendly right now. Would nerfing some pocket knives or make it a button pressing technique to stab before jason can execute a grab kill be better? Yeah probably. But it’s a fun way to piss of counselors for a change and actual invoke fear into people playing the game. Only available in rage mode too so you would still need the game to already have been played for a good amount of time.
  9. Great idea with not being able to use it on a sole remaining counselor; although if that last person is an afk or someone hiding under a bed for a full match it would be nice to end the game and not make everyone waiting sit there spectating nothing. I’ll defintely head over there! Been playing the game since it’s release and used to love playing as Jason. I legit have it set so I’m always counselor now with how frustrating it became.
  10. I had a great idea of an extra perk given to all Jason’s; let’s call it, startle. Basically 1 time per match the Jason player is able to use a 5th ability given to all when they get into rage mode that allows Jason to teleport directly to a counselor and grab them immediately. This will “startle” or scare the crap out of people playing online and also guarantee a kill if there’s 1 left and you save it or use it at a random moment in a match. With how many pocket knives are spawning maybe this ability also nerfs the knives and gives you a kill immediately. In all of the movies there is at least one death where Jason is never shown and out of nowhere he gets a quick kill. Same principal and would be awesome. Obviously it’s frustrating in a counselor POV but with how easily the counselors seem to be able to beat up on Jason, it would be nice to have some fun again and kill out of nowhere. Anybody else think this is a cool idea?
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