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  1. I usually do well with Jason so maybe some tips can help, right off the start i trap the phone with two traps. I roam around for a minute or two try to get a quick kill on a player still low on loot (pocket knifes, med sprays) then i got trap the four seater with my last three traps. One on gas, one on battery and oine on drivers seat. Then i rotate between the phone and four seater and maybe the boat or two seater depending on if i need too. Good luck!
  2. I am new to the forms and do not know how to report a player. I was in a game and a player with the name REMOVED ran over three people with a blue four seater. I tried to record it but my game crashed when i opened "OBS". I "Zinglebog" a player of the name "REMOVED" and another player were killed. Sadly my game crashed i am not sure is it was from the "REMOVED" player so i had no proof. I do love this game i want to help get rid of the toxic players!
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