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  1. Off topic but, looking at your name, then picture I gotta say I'm disappointed
  2. Aren't most Jason's ugly? Lol, we all have different opinions
  3. No one forgot, they just have no rights to them, I'd like to see them try again for the rights since the did prove successful.
  4. I wouldn't mind that only if it's a skin for part 4, his muddy mask and all
  5. They're already down the road. What's left? Uber, Grendel, pajama pack, a maybe a couple kill packs.
  6. Unfortunately like I said they have no intention to add him so I doubt we'd see him as his own, not mention what weapon would he even have? I prefer pre-uber a lot actually. Part 8 and pre-Uber are my favorite looks, I'll take a skin over nothing any day, not to mention Uber has decent stats. I'd main him between and 8 and pre Uber if brought in as a skin.
  7. I got the sequel trophy last month on the 25th. I kept track of my games played since and got the other 500 in private, last night it was a straight 18 hours of Jason in private match.
  8. I read they had no intentions to add the pre-Uber Jason, but why not just make pre-Uber a skin for Uber? Looking at the leaked version it's just called Part X anyways so why not just be able to use him as a an alt skin? I've seen a lot of people asking about him. Would kind of be like nes Jason for part 3
  9. Would the the sequel and final chapter trophies carry over from the downloaded copy the physical copy of the game? I know once the physical copy is popped in, it brings up a new list of trophies separately from the downloaded version. Or would i have to start 0-1000 games as Jason over again? Curious.
  10. Still R1 and circle on PlayStation, as for the map, it just might be glitched or you're trying to morph out of bounds
  11. X will be similar to 8 unless they change that. He'll have a normal water speed, decent shift and all his traps. I'd say he's better than 3 since he goes through does quicker.
  12. Part 4 Only has 3 traps and -shift. Atleast 2 has 7 traps to make up for the -shift
  13. 1. Part 8 2. Part 6 3. Part 3 4. Part 9 5. Part 7 6. Part 2 7. Part 5 8. Part 4 im not including Savini, but this is how I see the Jason's as. When X comes in he'll replace part 6.
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